DESI III Global E-Discovery/E-Disclosure Workshop: A Pre-
Conference Workshop at the 12th International Conference on
Artificial Intelligence and Law (ICAIL 2009)

Casa Convalescència, Barcelona, Spain

June 8, 2009

Workshop Agenda

Speaker Bios


Workshop Welcome Presentation (Morning Session)

Workshop Keynote Presentation (Morning Session)

Workshop Research Papers (Morning Session)

  1. Thomas Barnett, Svetlana Godjevac, Jean-Michel Renders, Caroline Privault, John Schneider and Robert Wickstrom, Xerox Research Center Europe and Xerox Litigation Services, "Machine Learning Classification for Document Review"
  2. Jacki O'Neill, Caroline Privault, Jean-Michel Renders, Victor Ciriza, and Gregory Bauduin, Xerox Research Center Europe, "DISCO: Intelligent Help for Document Review"
  3. Hans Henseler, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, "Network Based Filtering For Large E-Mail Collections in E-Discovery"
  4. Maria Esteva, Weijia Xu, Jaya Sreevelsan-Nair, Ashwini Athalye, Merwan Hade, Texas Advanced Computing Center, University of Texas, "Finding Narratives of activities through archival bond in electronically stored information (ESI)"
  5. Feng C. Zhao, U. Washington, and Douglas W. Oard, University of Maryland & Jason R. Baron, National Archives and Records Administration, "Improving Search Effectiveness in the Legal E-Discovery Process Using Relevance Feedback"

Workshop Position Papers (Afternoon Session)

  1. Kevin D. Ashley, University of Pittsburgh, and Will Bridewell, Stanford University, "Emerging AI+Law Approaches to Automating Analysis and Retrieval of ESI in Discovery Proceedings"
  2. K. Krasnow Waterman, LawTechIntersect LLC, "Isomorphic Intermediate Representations Are Needed To Support Cross-Border eDiscovery and Digital Evidence Systems"
  3. Simon Attfield, Stephen De Gabrielle, Ann Blandford, University College London, "The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Document Reviewer: E-Discovery and Cognitive Ergonomics"
  4. William P. Butterfield, Hausfeld LLP, Conor R. Crowley, Daley Crowley LLP, Melinda R. Coolidge, Hausfeld LLP, "Diving Deeper To Catch Bigger Fish"
  5. David Chaplin, Regina A. Jytyla, Kroll Ontrack, "Conceptual Search Technology: Avoid Sanctions, Prevent Privilege Waiver, and Understand Your Data"
  6. Jorge H. Román, A. Shelly Spearing, Los Alamos National Laboratory, "Discovery of Patterns in Digital Records"

Additionally Submitted Papers


Position Papers

  1. Maria Esteva, Texas Advanced Computing Center, U. Texas, and Hai Bi, Welldynamics, "Inferring Intra-organizational Collaboration from Best-matched Cosine Similarity Distributions in Text Documents"
  2. Pamela Forner, Center for the Evaluation of Language and Communication Technologies (CELCT), Anselmo Peñas, Spanish Distance Learning University, and Danilo Giampiccolo, CELCT, "Evaluation of Question Answering Systems Over European Legislation"
  3. Stuart Rennie, "Bridging Time: InterPARES and E-Discovery"
  4. Ira Woodhead, Chris Hogan, and Nick Pendar, H5, "RobotArmy: A Casual Framework for Massive Distributed Processing"
  5. Macyl Burke, "Review, Risk, Measurement and the Discovery Process"
  6. Marissa L.P. Caylor and Jason R. Baron, "Searching for ESI in the EU: Some Rules of the Road for the European Union Data Controller"

Commercial Papers

  1. Greg Buckles, Reason-eD LLC, "Text Mining, Foundation of ESI Retrieval"
  2. Amir Milo, Equivio, "Proposed Guidelines for Measuring the Benefit of Technology for Managing Redundant Data in E-Discovery Review"
  3. Joshua Payne, IBM ECM Discovery, "Effective Accuracy and Cost of Content Classification Practices"
  4. Jan Puzicha, Recommind Inc., "Defensible Predictive Coding"
  5. Johannes C. Scholtes, ZyLAB North America LLC, "Text Mining: The Next Search in Technology"
  6. Sonya Sigler, Cataphora, Inc., "Are Lawyers Being Replaced by Artificial Intelligence? Beyond Keyword Search: An Introduction to Advanced Search & Retrieval Technologies"
  7. Gary Weiner, Liquid Litigation Management, "Creating Effective Search Queries for Foreign Language Documents"

ICAIL 2009 Conference Paper

  1. Christopher Hogan, Robert Bauer, Dan Brassil, H5, "Human-Aided Computer Cognition for e-Discovery"

Additional Presentation

  1. Douglas W. Oard, "Multilingual Information Access", in Encyclopedia of Library and Information Sciences (3rd ed.) (item 2)

Organizing Committee

Kevin D. Ashley, University of Pittsburgh School of Law
Jason R. Baron, National Archives and Records Administration
Jack G. Conrad, Thomson Reuters Research & Development
Marc Light, Thomson Reuters Research & Development
Debra Logan, Gartner Inc. (UK)

Last Update: July 28, 2009