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Civil Litigation Certificate Program - Course Descriptions

The heart of the Gismondi Civil Litigation Certificate Program is a selection of specialized courses taught exclusively by a pre-eminent group of practicing trial attorneys whose insight and experience offer an invaluable perspective in the classroom. In each of these courses, class size is kept small so as to enrich the learning experience. Students not only are taught legal rules and principles in a typical lecture format, but more importantly, they are assigned to "role play" in a variety of real world litigation scenarios, each designed to develop specific skills which are essential to successful trial work.For example, a student may be asked to conduct an initial interview with a client and then help their law firm decide whether to accept representation of the client; take a pre trial deposition of the crucial witness from the opposing side in the case; cross examine an expert witness; give a convincing closing argument to the jury at the end of a hotly contested trial; and much, much more. All of these exercises are done under the watchful eye of our team of experienced trial attorneys. With their supervision, guidance, and insight, students quickly gain greater self confidence and a richer appreciation for the many nuances of trial work. With the exception of the classes in Advanced Torts and Trial Advocacy, only third year students may enroll in these specialized classes. In courses indicated with an asterisk(*), Civil Litigation Certificate students receive priority in enrollment. In order to receive this priority in enrollment, certificate students must sign up with the Program Director at least two weeks prior to the Course Registration Period.

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