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Litigation Strategy and Planning

Mr. Caputo & Mr. Pietragallo discuss trial strategy When a case finally reaches the courtroom, the drama unfolds in real time for all to see. But have you ever wondered what happened during all of the strategy sessions leading up to the presentation of the case? This course will take you behind the scenes into the trial lawyer's office to experience first-hand the many tactical decisions which a good litigator must make in order to plan for a successful result in court. You will sit in as the firm's attorneys debate and discuss such issues as these: Are we better off bringing the case in federal court or state court? Is there a tactical reason not to sue certain people? What evidence do we want to show in the courtroom, and what evidence do we not want to show? What strategy will we use in selecting the jury? These and many more provocative questions will train students how to make the right strategic choices as they plan for their client's day in court.

Enrollment is limited to third year law students. To receive priority enrollment, certificate students must sign up with the Program Director at least two weeks prior to the course registration period.

Litman/Pietragallo Fall 2008
Lucas/Swensen Spring 2009


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