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Pre-Trial Practice: Pleadings and Discovery

The foundation for any successful case is laid during the pleading and pre-trial investigation (or so-called "discovery") phase. This course will focus on proper investigation techniques and a myriad of other things important to building a winning case. Students will learn how to draft court pleadings; obtain incriminating documents from the other side; take a probing deposition of the opposing side's critical witness; prepare your own witnesses to have their deposition taken; respond when the opposing side refuses to provide you with important evidence. The class will also discuss the many rules that govern whether a variety of common documents are "discoverable," things such as medical and employment records; expert reports; witness statements; attorney "work product;" accident reports; personal diaries; and more. After taking this course, students will appreciate the importance of pretrial preparation and be much better equipped to undertake this vital phase of litigation work.

Enrollment is limited to third year law students. To receive priority enrollment, certificate students must sign up with the Program Director at least two weeks prior to the course registration period.

Lydon/Ramaley Fall 2008


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