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Advanced Trial Evidence

Imagine this scene. The trial has reached a decisive stage. The lawyer conducting cross-examination approaches the other side's key witness and, with his heart pounding in anticipation, asks in a loud and sharp tone the critical question of the day. The opposing lawyer, sensing that the outcome of the case hangs in the balance, immediately snaps to his feet and bellows, "Objection, Your Honor, ... That is completely irrelevant!" This is trial evidence in action. How should the judge rule on the objection? Will it be sustained, or will the witness be forced to answer the question? This course will teach students all of the fundamental rules of evidence - relevance, hearsay, privilege, etc. - in a dynamic and interactive setting. Students will be on their feet in a real courtroom questioning witnesses in an attempt to get evidence admitted or to oppose its admission. Reading about the rules of evidence is one thing, but this course assures that students will acquire a real command of those principles by applying them in a variety of genuine trial scenarios.

Enrollment is limited to third year law students. To receive priority enrollment, certificate students must sign up with the Program Director at least two weeks prior to the course registration period.

Demay/Dodge Fall 2008
Iole/Kontos/Moellenberg Spring 2009

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