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McLean Lecture in International Law

Maclean W. McLean


The McLean Lecture on World Law honors the memory and contributions of M.W. McLean, a founder, executive director, and executive vice president of the Pittsburgh World Federalist Association chapter, now Global Solutions Education Fund- Pittsburgh. Known as "Mac" by all he greeted, he enjoyed the trust and confidence of prominent community leaders and other Pittsburgh friends, all of whom he invited to share his passion for a world united in peace through governance under universally recognized principles of law.

Global Solutions Education Fund- Pittsburgh

Founded as the World Federalist Association of Pittsburgh, Global Solutions Education Fund - Pittsburgh is the local chapter of Citizens for Global Solutions, a national and global citizens' movement working to ensure the worldwide rule of law, peace, economic progress and the protection of the environment and human rights throuhg global structures such as a strengthened United Nations. The Pittsburgh Chpater is one of the oldest and largest chapters in the United States, uniting a cross-section of members from the professions, business, labor, church and civic organizations. Visit for more information.


1st Lecture - 1992
Richard Falk
Albert G. Milbank Professor of International Law and Practice

Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton University
"The United Nations and a Just World Order"

2nd Lecture - 1993
Steven M. Schwebel
President Judge, International Court of Justice

"Performance and Prospects of the World Court"

3rd Lecture - 1994
Robert B. Rosenstock
Legal Adviser, Permanent Mission of the United States to the United Nations

"Current World Crises and the Rule of Law in the U.N. System"

4th Lecture - September 28,1995
Larry D. Johnson
Principal Legal Officer, Office of Legal Affairs, United Nations

"Reforming, Restructuring and Revitalizing the United Nations System After
Fifty Years"

5th Lecture - September 26,1996
Benjamin B. Ferencz
Henry T. King, Jr.
Members of the prosecution team at the Nuremberg Trials

"Fifty Years Later: Reflections on Nuremberg"

6th Lecture - October 16,1997
Harold S. Burman
Senior Attorney, Office of Private International Law, Office of the Legal Advisor, U.S. Department of State
John O. Honnold
William A. Schnader Professor of Commercial Law Emeritus
University of Pennsylvania School of Law

" International Law at Work: The Expanding Realm of Private International Law"

7th Lecture - October 8,1998
Gavan Griffith
Former Solicitor-General of Australia

"A Consumer's Guide to the International Court of Justice"

8th Lecture - October 14,1999
Edith Brown Weiss
Francis Cabell Brown Professor of International Law
Georgetown University Law Center

"International Environmental Law in the Age of Globalization"

9th Lecture - November 2, 2000
Fidelma O'Kelly Macken
Judge, European Court of Justice (first woman Judge on the Court)

"Towards a Possible Federal System of Law: The Impact of thee Jurisprudence of the European Court of Justice"

10th Lecture - October 25, 2001
Fausto Pocar
Judge, United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia

"Reflections on International Criminal Jurisdiction"

11th Lecture - October 10, 2002
Kurt Riechenberg
Chief of Staff to the President Judge of the European Court of Justice

"The Judicial Branch in the European Union: A Model for International Legal Relations?"

12th Lecture - January 14, 2004
Charlotte Ku
Executive Vice President and Executive Director - American Society of International Law

"International Law and the Use of Force: Assessing the Elements of Global Governance"

13th Lecture - February 24, 2005
Governor Richard Thornburgh
Former Governmor of Pennsylvania

"The Global Effort to Contain Official Corruption"

14th Lecture - December 1, 2005
Professor Sean D. Murphy
George Washington University School of Law

"Taking Multinational Corporate Codes of Conduct to the Next Level"

15th Lecture - January 11, 2007
Professor Irwin Cotler
Member of the Canadian Parliament
and former Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada

"Hate, Genocide, and Human Rights"

16th Lecture - April 17, 2008
Professor Charles Swift
Former Lieutenant Commander in the Navy JAG Corps.  Lead defense attorney in Hamdan v. Rumsfeld

"U.S. Sovereignty and the War on Terror after Hamdan v. Rumsfeld"

17th Lecture - April 14, 2009
Victor Mosoti
Special Legal Advisor, Cabinet of the Director-General for the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization

"Biofueling Our Future: Balancing Food and Fuel in a Global Economy"

18th Lecture - October 22, 2009
Sir David Edward 
Former Judge of the European Court of Justice

"Nationalism, Constitutionalism, and the Future of the European Union"
Jurist coverage of this presentation.

19th Lecture - April 4, 2011
Judge Erik Møse
Current Justice of the Norwegian Supreme Court
and former President of the UN International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda

“Reflections on the ICTR and International Criminal Justice” 

20th Lecture - October 24, 2012
Honorable Enver Hasani
President of the Constitutional Court for the Republic of Kosovo

“The Role and Position of the Constitutional Courts in Society – The Case of Kosovo”

21st Lecture - March 31, 2014
Corin R. Stone
Assistant Director of National Intelligence for Policy and Strategy in the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI)

"National Security and Intelligence in the 21st Century"
Jurist podcast of the lecture



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