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Student Voices : Seeing and Hearing the Haitian Judiciary

During our recent visit to Haiti, interviews with the UNDP and the OAS indicated that most of the international community initiatives meant to promote judicial reform have ceased to operate during the administration of the Interim Government of Haiti. Exacerbating the problem further is the fact that there remains a lack of coordination among the many inter-governmental organizations, the non-governmental organizations, foreign development actors and the Haitian authorities as competing organizations vie for ideological dominance. "It is a war, and here [Haiti] is a front for many ideological battles." One of the overarching problems remains that the international community's absence of a clear plan, and the confusion created by competing reform movements, only augments the corruption in Haiti.

Alex Braden, Brandon Gardner, James Gabello, Ravi K. Reddy - Spring break trip 2006

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