University of Pittsburgh

Student Voices: Pioneering the Space Moot


"When I  saw the ad  inviting law schools to participate in the space moot, I just thought that space law must be fascinating.   I've been surprised to see that the  case we're arguing in the moot involves everything from torts, to property, to commercial law and communications-all in addition to space treaties.   -- Robin Belinsky

"Initially, we were in this space  moot completely on our own.   We formed our own team and started working on the problem by ourselves.   When we told CILE we were doing it, they immediately started coaching  us and found funding to pay our way to the out of town competitions.   Since there are only eight space moot teams in the whole country, all of the competitions are out of town.   It's really really exciting to work on it, mostly because it's new and different." -- Leslie Riley

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