University of Pittsburgh
Mock Trial Team Training
Term: Fall Term 2011-12
Catalog Number: 5616
Class Number: 25451
Room: Teplitz Moot Courtroom.
Class Schedule:
  • Th 6:30 pm -8:20 pm
  • Instructors: Richard C. Levine, David J. Rosenberg ,
    Type: Practicum
    Credits: 2.0 Credits
    Additional Requirements: Professional Skills.
    Priority: Departmental Consent

    Course Description from Course Catalog 5616

    Additional Info

    Upon completion of the course, each student will be assigned to a team traveling to one of the three competitions, each of which takes place in the spring. Students are eligible for one moot court activity credit for competition-related work during the spring semester, but the activity credit is separate from the two academic credits designated for this course.


    Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (ungraded) course

    Students will be evaluated on in-class performance, presentations of examinations and statements, and quizzes on the practical application of the Rules of Evidence.

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