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Past, Present and Future
Term: Spring Term 2011-12 (2124)
Catalog Number: 5639
Class Number: 27074
Class Schedule:
  • TH 9:30 am -11:25 am
  • Instructor: Everette James, JD, MBA
    Type: Lecture
    Credits: 2.0 Credits
    Enrollment Limit: 8.
    Priority: Limited Enrollment - 3rd Year Priority

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    Teaching methods include lectures, including guest lectures by principals involved in past and current reforms, case studies and interdisciplinary classroom discussion.

    This course is taught in the Department of Health Policy and Management of the Graduate School of Public Health, and will meet in Room A522 Crabtree Hall. Professor James is an adjunct faculty member of the Law School and a Professor of Health Policy and Management in the Graduate School of Public Health, the Associate Vice Chancellor for Health Policy and Planning (Health Sciences), and Director of the Health Policy Institute.


    Students will be graded on the basis of performance on the mid-term (40%) and final examination (40%) and a policy brief (20%).

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