University of Pittsburgh
Term: Spring Term 2012-13 (2134)
Catalog Number: 5139
Class Number: 23891
Room: LAW 118.
Class Schedule:
  • W 10:00 am -11:50 am
  • Instructor: Steven A. Diaz
    Type: Lecture
    Credits: 2.0 Credits
    Catalog Requirements: "W" Writing.
    Enrollment Limit: 15.
    Priority: Limited Enrollment - 3rd Year Priority

    Course Description from Course Catalog 5139

    Additional Info

    This course is structured as a combination of lecture, discussion and research and writing exercises. The source documents and materials for this course will consist of statutes, regulations, judicial and administrative briefs and decisions, as well as studies of selected government projects and actions. All materials are new in the sense that a unique compendium of course materials, from hard copies and the internet, will be generated to form the basis for a future published text of study. Every class session will include questions and discussion of the issues presented and the background materials.


    Evaluation of student work is to be based on class participation, including three short papers on topics raised during the course (2-3 pages each) (50%), and a take home final examination (50%).

    Prerequisites and Recommended Courses

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