University of Pittsburgh
Term: Spring Term 2014-15
Catalog Number: 5224
Class Number: 19553
Room: LAW G20.
Class Schedule:
  • M,Tu 3:30 pm -4:45 pm
  • Instructor: J.W. Montgomery, III
    Type: Lecture
    Credits: 3.0 Credits
    Enrollment Limit: 40.

    The minimum enrollment for this course is 15 students. If the minimum enrollment threshold has not been met by the conclusion of the open enrollment period, the class will be cancelled.

    Priority: General Enrollment Course

    Course Description from Course Catalog 5224

    Additional Info

    The format for class will be lectures, with class participation primarily on a questions-and-answer basis. Classroom participation is strongly encouraged and will be a basis for grading as described above.


    The grade will be based upon a three-hour, in-class final examination composed of three essay questions. Students who participate meaningfully in classroom discussion will be eligible for an increase in their letter grades by one-half. Participation will be evaluated based upon questions that will be preassigned for discussion.

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