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Term: Fall Term 2013-14 (2141)
Catalog Number: 5980
Class Number: 14607
Class Schedule:
  • Instructor: Alan Meisel
    Type: Practicum
    Credits: 3.0 Credits

    This course meets in the Summer of 2013, from May 13 through June 28. Enrollment is for the Fall 2013-14 Semester, and credits are awarded at the end of this term.

    Priority: General Enrollment Course

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    In addition, students are required to:

    • Contact Dr. Valerie Satkoske by email via her administrator, Janet Malis ( by Monday, March 25.  
    • Pre-register for and attend the Medical Ethics Update Conference on March 29; contact Ms. Pischke for information (
    • Attend an orientation session on April 4, noon-1:00 in the seminar room of the Center for Bioethics and Health Law (CBHL), 300 Medical Arts Building.
    • Meet medical, legal, and institutional requirements of the clinical site and be cleared to interact with patients, as discussed during orientation.
    • Spend 2 mornings and 1 full day in assigned clinical settings each week.
    • Attend at least one ethics committee meeting at an identified site.
    • Attend and complete the requirements of a weekly seminar in clinical ethics and medical sociology, Mondays, 3:00-6:00, which includes discussion of assigned readings, case presentations, guest speakers, written case analysis, maintenance and submission of a journal or field notes of the clinical experience for review and comment. 

    During this full-time course, students do not have time to be employed and may not do an externship concurrently.


    Grade is based on evaluation by faculty and on the paper(s). Pass/Fail.

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