University of Pittsburgh

Application Instructions

Students wishing to enroll in the joint degree program must first be admitted to each of the individual programs. Students must complete and submit two separate applications, although the bioethics program will accept the unofficial photocopies of transcripts and LSAT score, so long as the official copies are on file in the School of Law. Application to both programs may be made simultaneously, or students may apply to the bioethics program during the first or second year of law school. It is preferable for students to apply early. Students who have completed one year of the master's degree may enroll in the School of Law and have master's degree credits applied toward the law degree only if, at the conclusion of one year of the master's degree, they still require at least 12 credits to complete in that degree program.

The deadline for application for admission to the School of Law is March 1. The deadline for application for admission to the bioethics program is March 31st.  Again, earlier application is advantageous to prospective students, as the class may be filled with early applicants.

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