University of Pittsburgh

Curriculum and Requirements

The structuring of this four-year degree program is flexible. A student may begin study in either school. The only requirement in this connection is that the first year in the School of Law be taken in its entirety, with no outside courses. GSPIA also expects joint-degree program students to complete the required master’s degree core courses early in their program in GSPIA.

Degrees in the joint-degree program are awarded concurrently. Therefore, it is important to note that a student who resigns from one program and elects to remain in the other will be subject to all the requirements of that particular degree program. The previously described arrangement for awarding advanced-standing credits will no longer be in effect.

Each student must satisfy both schools’ requirements as modified by participation in the joint-degree program. The credit requirements are as follows:

Program Joint Degree Credits
Juris Doctor (JD) 79 Credits
Master of Public Administration 36 Credits
Master of Public and International Affairs 36 Credits
Master of International Development 36 Credits
Total Credits for Joint Degree 115 Credits

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