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Student Moot Court Board

The primary function of the University of Pittsburgh School of Law Moot Court Board is to organize and administer the Murray S. Love Trial Moot Court Competition and the Appellate Competition. Board membership is limited to a maximum of ten students per year and includes a mixture of second-year and third-year students.

2013-2014 Student Moot Court Board

The 2013-2014 board members (*denotes second year of service) are as follows:

  • Elizabeth Boehm*, 3L (Chair)
  • Amy Hewitt*, 3L
  • Cody Harding*, 3L
  • Angie Allen, 3L
  • Max Slater, 3L
  • Kaasha Benjamin, 2L
  • Alex Gase, 2L
  • Laura Klein 2L
  • Cory Omasta, 2L
  • Endia Vereen, 2L

Membership and Selection

Selection of board members is a competitive process that takes place during the spring term and over the summer.

Pursuant to the Board’s bylaws, the faculty advisor and the Board assess candidates in three areas: 

  1. Moot court experience, including experience prior to law school; 
  2. Leadership and organizational experience; and 
  3. Academic performance and references. 

Absent substantial accomplishment under (1) and (2), only students with a minimum grade of A- in Legal Writing will be selected. The chair is chosen by the faculty advisor, in consultation with the Board.

Students who serve on the board during their second year are eligible to apply for a second term for their third year. As membership precludes competing in either of the competitions that the Board administers, some board members serve one year and compete in either or both of the competitions during their other year.

Questions regarding service on the board or applying for membership should be directed to the current student chairperson or the  faculty advisor, Ben Bratman.

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