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Pitt Law Semester in D.C. Externship Announcement

We circulate new externship announcements to students via email and maintain a list of available externships for our students on the law school’s secure extranet. You can submit information about an opportunity by filling out the form below or by sending an email directly to You may be contacted to confirm the information provided and/or to obtain additional details.
If there is a page that describes your relevant internship program, please provide the URL of that page.
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If we have questions or require clarification on your externship posting, we will get in touch with this person. This is not necessarily the contact info for the position itself, which can be provided below.
Please include (a) what materials you would like sent, (b) your preferred method of receiving applications (email, fax, mail), and (c) the name & email/fax/address to which the materials should be sent.
Please indicate whether the internship is available for particular semesters or whether you are open to receiving applications for any semester.
Any relevant preferences/requirements (e.g., need for education or prior experience in a particular area).
Anything else you think we should know about the externship or your organization.
Please check the boxes to affirm that you can offer an externship that will meet each of our program requirements.
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