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Semester in DC Student Fellowships

Since the Semester in D.C. Program is for unpaid externships, students are encouraged to seek Public Interest Fellowship funds. While the ABA requires that externships that receive law school credit be unpaid, students are permitted to accept stipends or reimbursement of expenses of up to $3,375 due to the higher cost of living in Washington. In addition to the fellowship opportunities listed here, students are also eligible to apply for up to $3,375 in additional loans through Meme Jeffries in the Financial Aid Office.

We have provided a short list of possible funding sources that we are aware of here. If you learn of other funding opportunities for Semester in D.C. Program students, please let us know so that we can update this list and other students can benefit.

Internal Fellowships:

Samuelson/Glushko Fellowship

University of Pittsburgh School of Law

  • Pay: A $2,500 stipend for Semester in D.C. Program students who are working in intellectual property or technology law externships.
  • The Samuelson/Glushko Fellowship is funded by a gift from Professor Pamela Samuelson of the University of California-Berkeley Boalt Hall School of Law and her husband, Dr. Robert J. Glushko, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur. Professor Samuelson is a former member of the faculty of the University of Pittsburgh School of Law. 

External Fellowships:

Public Service Law Network (PSLawNet) has identified the following sources of funding for law student spring and summer internships on its Summer Funding Resources page. Below are summaries of the sources listed on PSLawNet's site that are available for the fall and spring terms. Please check PSLawNet's posting for further details. 

Haywood Burns Memorial Fellowship for Social and Economic Justice 

National Lawyers Guild, National Office 
132 Nassau Street, Suite 922, New York, NY 10038 
Phone: 212-679-5100 

  • Pay: The stipend will be between $ 1,000 and $ 2,000 and is paid in two installments by the project. The stipend may be supplemented with work-study grants and student fellowships.
  • Duration: Fellows are required to work full-time for ten weeks. Starting and ending dates are negotiated between the fellow and the project.
  • Application deadlines should be checked on the NLG website.
  • Students apply for either an internship with a sponsoring organization or may submit a proposal for a student-initiated project.
  • For more information and for application materials, see

J.W. Saxe Memorial Fund

1524 31st Street NW, Washington, D.C. 20007
Contact: Ms. Elinor Sachse

  • A prize of $ 2,000 will be awarded to one or more college or university students involved in public service.
  • The award is meant to enable the student to gain practical experience in public service by taking a no-pay or low-pay job or internship during a summer or other term.
  • Preference will be given applicants who have already found such a position, but who require additional funds.
  • Application deadlines for your term of interest should be checked on the fund’s website.
  • Please see website for full application details.

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