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International & Comparative Law

The International & Comparative Law Certificate program is intended to provide a foundation for careers and further study in the application of legal regimes to transnational and international relationships.

To receive the International & Comparative Law Certificate upon graduation, students must complete the following courses:

  1. International Law (3 credits);
  2. International Business Transactions (3 credits);
  3. Satisfaction of the Upper Level Writing Requirement (ULW) with a paper focused on international or comparative law content;
  4. Twelve credits of elective courses; and
  5. Attendance at two designated CILE programs in each of the candidate’s 2L and 3L years at the School of Law.  Note: Because these requirements become effective in the 2013-14 school year, students in the class of 2014 will only be required to attend two CILE programs in their third year of law school.


To register for the International & Comparative Law certificate program, complete the Registrar's online form at any time during the school year.




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