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Area of Concentration Requirements

The Tax Law Area of Concentration requires a minimum of 13 credits. The requirements for the program are divided into three categories—foundational, elective, and skills. Students must take a foundational course in tax law, 6 credits from among the listed elective courses, and 3 credits from among the listed skills courses.

Foundational Course (Required)

  • Federal Income Tax (4 credits)

Elective Courses (6 credits required)

  • Corporate Tax (3 credits)
  • Partnership Tax (3 credits)
  • Estate & Gift Tax (3 credits)
  • International Tax (3 credits)
  • Federal Tax Practice & Procedure (2 credits)
  • Nonprofit Tax-Exempt Organizations (2 credits)
  • State & Local Tax (2 credits)
  • Tax Policy Seminar (3 credits)
  • Pittsburgh Tax Review (1 credit)

Skills Component (3 credits required)

  • Low-Income Taxpayer Clinic (3 credits)
  • Tax Law Moot Court Competition (1 credit)
  • Estate Planning (2 credits)
  • Externship in the area of tax law (4 credits)
  • Semester in DC externship in the area of tax law (10 credits)


Please note that this program may require that you complete an internship, externship, or other field work at a facility or facilities external to the University and that such facility or facilities may require a criminal background check, an Act 33/34 clearance (if applicable), and perhaps a drug screen to determine whether you are qualified to participate.

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