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Accelerated Law Admissions Program (ALAP)

What Is ALAP?

ALAP is the Accelerated Law Admissions program between the University of Pittsburgh School of Law and the University of Pittsburgh’s Undergraduate College of Arts and Science. The ALAP program, also known as the 3/3 Program, allows exceptional students completing their undergraduate studies within the College of arts and Sciences the opportunity to complete their undergraduate degree while beginning their first year of law school. These students complete their bachelor’s degree and law degree in a total of six years, rather than seven.

Who Should Apply

Students enrolled in the University of Pittsburgh’s College of Arts and Sciences are eligible to apply for the ALAP Program.

The ALAP program is highly competitive and students with outstanding academic achievement are encouraged to apply. LSAT scores must also be competitive with the applicant pool.

What Undergraduate Requirements must an applicant complete within the College of Arts and Science?

  • Students must have completed 102 credits within the College of Arts and Sciences by the end of their junior year.
  • Students considering the ALAP program must declare their majors at the end of their first year of undergraduate study- in order to complete the requirements within their major by the end of three years.
  • Students must complete three (rather than two) designated writing courses beyond the freshman writing requirement.
  • The College of Arts and Sciences requirement of completion of 12 credits in a “related area” will be waived for ALAP participants.
  • Potential applicants are encouraged to consider summer coursework during their second year of study to help reduce the number of credits needed in the third year of undergraduate study.
  • Students admitted to the ALAP program will officially complete their Bachelor’s Degree after completing their first year of Law School.

How to Apply?

All law school applicants must take the LSAT exam as part of their application. Students interested in the ALAP program are encouraged to take the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) by the fall of their Junior year- the June, October, or December test dates are recommended.

Submit an application to Pitt Law prior to April 1st of an applicant’s junior year at the University of Pittsburgh.

Schedule an Interview with the Office of Admissions at Pitt Law.

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