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Mellon Legal Writing Program

The Mellon Legal Writing Program provides academic support to students at the Law School who wish to improve their writing, exam-taking, and study skills.  The Program Director works with students to enhance basic writing skills through a series of Writing Workshops focusing on sentence structure and paragraphing concerns, as well as issues relating to organization and structure.

The Mellon program offers an intensive three-day summer class to prepare incoming students for the study of law. The summer preparation class is available to students from under-represented groups, students entering law school after having pursued other interests, and students who have under-performed on standardized tests, such as the LSAT, in contrast to other parts of their outstanding academic record.  The preparation class is usually held the same week as Orientation week and students will be notified by the Admissions Office of the exact time and place.

 A series of workshops focusing on how to successfully prepare for and take law school examinations is included in the Mellon Program. Exam preparation sessions include general discussion regarding the form and substance of law school exams, as well as more specific guidance relating to particular topics and classes. Students have an opportunity to take practice exams and receive feedback from the Program Director.

Individual tutoring is also available to first-year law students through referral by the student's Legal Analysis and Writing teacher.  In addition, The Program Director is assisted by second- and third-year law students who have distinguished themselves in their legal studies, and who have been selected and rigorously trained as Mellon Legal Writing Program Teaching Fellows. For more information on the Mellon Legal Writing Program, you may contact the Director, Dean Kevin Deasy, at 412-648-5642, or at

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