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Hail To…An Attitude of Gratitude

Hail To…An Attitude of Gratitude Day is a newly established event created to celebrate those who support Pitt Law with their giving.  This event brought together hundreds of Pitt Law students, faculty, and staff in a thank you note writing campaign aimed to show these donors how grateful they were for their continued support.

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Veteran's Legal Practicum

Based on the initiative of 2L students Leigh Argentieri and Dave Coogan (pictured), Pitt Law will be launching a new Veterans Legal Practicum in order to meet a growing need in our community.

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Golden Gavel Society Inductees

Class of 1962 Golden Gavel Society Inductees from left to right are Thomas Cooper, William Herrington, Jan Swensen, and Charles Wittlin.

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Walter Blenko, Jr., Law ’53
“Too often people get carried away with the intricacies of their own specializations. I’ve always thought that was a mistake. For myself, I would rather be known as a good lawyer who happens to deal with IP than a good IP lawyer.” This is the kind of experienced advice that Walter Blenko Jr. has to offer law students. More >

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