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Career Services: 1L Information

Dear Class of 2012:

Welcome to Pitt Law! The Career Services Office looks forward to meeting and working with each of you. Recognizing that you need time to adjust to the academic demands of law school, Pitt Law follows the policy of the National Association of Law Placement (NALP) which provides that Law Schools should not offer career assistance to first-year students until after November 1 and first year students may not contact employers for job opportunities until after December 1. While we will not officially meet with you until November 1, we wanted to make you aware of some of our services

  • 1L Group Orientation Session

    At the beginning of November, we will schedule 1L group orientation sessions to review the services and resources available in our office. We will also discuss what to expect in terms of the job search and summer opportunities for 1L students.
  • Individual Counseling Sessions

    Following the group orientation sessions, we will begin to schedule individual counseling session with all first year students. During these sessions we will discuss your individual career goals, help you to begin the process of exploring different types of legal careers, review your resume and develop a plan of action for you first summer job search. We encourage you to meet with us on a regular basis to assist you in your career development.
  • CSO Educational Programs

    While we can’t meet with you individually before November 1, we invite you to attend the educational programs offered by the CSO. These programs will be advertised on our website and in Pitt Law Works, the CSO weekly professional development newsletter.
  • CSO Website

    Please visit the CSO website for more information on our resources, career development, job searching and links to other career websites of interest.

We wish you the best as you begin your studies at Pitt Law and look forward to meeting with each of you in November.

Below you will find the 1L Handbook, a comprehensive introduction to Career Services at Pitt Law. 

For additional information regarding opportunities in the summer after your first year, see Summer Options for 1L Students

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