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Summer Options for 1L Students

First-year students should plan on obtaining law-related summer positions. Whether volunteer, for academic credit (e.g., externship) or paid, law-related summer jobs are valuable because they will

  1. Give you substantive experience to help guide you in your next job search.
  2. Distinguish you from other law students and hopefully provide you with a writing sample when interviewing for your next job.

First Year, First Semester

Concentrate on law school, attend the mandatory 1L group orientation session, and schedule your individual 1L meeting with a CSO counselor.  When you have some down time over winter break, start exploring your interests and options for your 1L summer and begin the process of reaching out to attorneys and employers.

First Year, Second Semester

Typically, most first-year students begin sending out cover letters and resumes to potential summer employers soon after January 1. Keep in mind that most first-year students participate in the law school’s externship program. While some employers will accept applications from students starting December 1, most want to review application materials after first semester grades are available. If you have not drafted a resume, cover letter and a list of references by January 1, you should do so now. Also, have a writing sample ready for submission to prospective employers.  All students are strongly encouraged to attend the CSO's various career development and educational programs offered throughout the semester, including the orientation program in April on Fall On-Campus Interviewing (OCI) and Independent Job Searching for the 2L summer.

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