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Career Services: Frequently Asked Questions

What do you want to do with a law degree?

The American Bar Association Career Resource Center's Pre-Law Profiles of the Profession is a resource that will help you learn more about a career in the law. The site contains access to over 200 lawyer profiles searchable by practice area, employer, location and firm size. This resource is located at the American Bar Association web site

The profiles highlight 34 practice areas and some alternative law-related careers.  The following insights into a life in the law are also highlighted:

  • The benefits and challenges of specific practice areas, as well as suggested reading materials.
  • The core skills and key knowledge needed to succeed in the legal profession.
  • Advice for students and lawyers about successful job search techniques. 

What kinds of services and programs does the Career Services Office offer?

Please click here for an overview of our services. In addition, Pitt Law students can expect:

  • Individual career counseling with a career counselor, beginning November 1 of the first year of law school (in accordance with the policy of the National Association of Law Placement (NALP), which restrict 1L access to Career Services until that date)
  • Workshops, panel discussions, networking events, and presentations
  • Symplicity, an on-line recruiting tool that allows our students to view job postings, post resumes and sign up for interviews
  • Fall and Spring Recruiting opportunities, including two Washington, DC Interview Days and a Philadelphia Interview Day
  • Participation in national and regional job fairs
  • Comprehensive Career Services Handbook containing important information on resume and cover letter drafting, interview techniques and resources
  • Comprehensive Career Services Resource Center, including library, employer information files, directories and other career publications
  • Use of the Career Services Resource Center for job search needs, including photocopier, fax machine, computers, printer, typewriter and telephone room
  • Publication of Pitt Law Works, a weekly professional development newsletter which focuses on various aspects of job searching and professional development, including practice area, attorney and geographic location profiles
  • Access to the Pitt Law Attorney Networking Directory, providing students with the opportunity to network and seek career related advice from Pitt Law alumni across the United States and abroad
  • Reciprocity allowing our students and alumni to use career services facilities at other institutions 

What is the philosophy of the Career Services Office?

The Career Services Office is dedicated to providing students and graduates with the information and tools necessary for successful career development and advancement. Our office assists students and graduates in their pursuit of careers in a wide variety of settings, including private law firms, public interest organizations, government agencies, corporate and business environments, judicial clerkships, academia and non-traditional careers.

Through an extensive array of services including individual counseling, educational programming, interviewing opportunities, written and online resources, job posting databases, and a substantial alumni network, the CSO helps educate students and graduates for a lifetime of successful career management.

The CSO also serves as an intermediary between prospective employers and law students. By posting job vacancies, scheduling on-campus interviews, sponsoring programs and participating in and promoting off-campus job fairs, we provide a range of employment prospects. Through ongoing outreach, the CSO Staff endeavors to create ever-increasing employer interest in Pitt Law students and graduates. 

Who are the members of the Career Services Office?

Our staff of four includes three attorneys available to provide you with individualized career counseling. Please click here to view the list of staff in the CSO.

We are here to help during your entire career. If you have any questions, please let us know, and stop by and see us when you visit Pitt Law!

What types of employment do Pitt Law graduates enter?

Pitt Law graduates can be found working for law firms of all sizes in major metropolitan areas and in smaller cities nationwide. While many graduates begin their careers in private law practice, others work for governmental agencies, clerk for judges at the federal, state, and county levels, and pursue careers with businesses, public service organizations and academic institutions. Below is a profile of the Class of 2008 by employment sector:

Private Practice - 61%

Business - 16.5%

Judicial Clerkship - 8%

Government - 10%

Public Interest - 4%

Academic - .5%

Where do Pitt Law Graduates find employment?

Pitt Law alumni can be found practicing in nearly every state in the nation and in over 30 countries worldwide. Members of the Class of 2008 secured employment in 24 different U.S. states and 2 foreign countries, with 63% accepting positions In-State and 37% accepting positions Out of State.

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