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After the Meeting: Thank-You Notes and Continuing the Relationship

The Thank-You Note

Send a thank-you note after the meeting expressing your appreciation for your contact's time and advice. In your note, mention something you learned during the meeting and/or what further steps you plan to take in the near future as a result of your discussion. If the meeting went particularly well, consider asking your contact to keep you in mind if he/she hears of a position for which you might be well-suited.

Continuing the Relationship

If you feel like the contact was receptive to helping you, consider touching base on an intermittent basis to let him/her know you are still exploring the field (e.g. send an article that you think would be of interest to him/her, email him/her with a quick update about a summer job you've obtained). While we encourage you to keep in touch with your contacts on a regular basis, be careful not to come across as being too pushy.

Keeping a Record

Use a notebook, index cards, or any other filing system that works well for you, to keep track of the following: the contact's information (name, title, address, phone number), date of your meeting, names and addresses of additional contacts received, helpful information received during the meeting, and dates you touch base with your contact after the initial meeting.

It may also be helpful to take note of the following

What positive and negative impression do you now have of the area of practice? How did this interview help you to clarify your own objectives? What are your next steps? With whom will you speak next? What more do you now know about the legal market in your field of interest? As you continue to meet with your contacts, you will become more educated on your chosen field, and your questions for contacts may become more specific.

As "practice interviews," informational interviews will enable you to meet employers and present yourself in a more relaxed atmosphere than in an actual interview. In discussing your career objectives with legal professionals, you will become more comfortable in presenting your qualifications. You will also learn more about what prospective employers are looking for in a successful candidate.

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