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Career Services Job Searching Guide: Common Mistakes

  • Paper

    Use good quality paper in any color as long as it's white, or a close relative of white (ivory, cream, beige, light gray, eggshell, mushroom, and, for you truly creative and individualistic iconoclasts, taupe.) Size: 8-1/2 x 11 inches.

  • Type

    Although some job seekers go to the expense of having resumes typeset at print shops, more are taking advantage of the high quality of laser printers and the flexibility of maintaining control over the resume. Use good paper and a laser printer and do not hesitate to change your resume as the need arises.

  • Disorganization

    Your resume must be easy to read. Arrange the information so that it flows. Allow enough "white space" so that it doesn't look difficult to read.

  • Misspelled Words/Typographical Errors

    Inexcusable. If you cannot produce a one-page document free of errors, what employer will believe that you have the requisite intelligence, education and diligence to be a good lawyer?

  • Outdated and Inaccurate Information

    Everything contained in your resume must be up-to-date and accurate. If you list your letter grade average, you must change your resume immediately when the information changes. Employers are aware of resume fraud: a scintilla of doubt or a breath of suspicion can be sufficient to end your promising application.

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