University of Pittsburgh
Term: Spring Term 2010-11
Catalog Number: 5858
Class Schedule:
  • Instructor: Harry M. Flechtner
    Type: Seminar
    Credits: 3.0 Credits (2.0 classroom contact, 1.0 field)
    Additional Requirements: "W" Writing, Upper-Level Writing.
    Enrollment Limit: 12.
    Priority: Seminar - 3rd Year Priority

    Course Description from Course Catalog 5858

    Additional Info

    Student presentations during the second half of the course will be made either during the regular weekly class meetings scheduled after spring break, or at a retreat that would occur over a Friday, Saturday and Sunday at a location away from Pittsburgh. Information on which of these formats will be used (and the dates if the second format is used) will be announced during by the first week of the semester. If the second format is used, there may some additional cost for each student for lodging and meals at the retreat.


    Evaluation of student performance in the seminar will be based on a combination of the seminar paper that each student is required to write, an in-class presentation (also required of each student), and general class participation.

    Prerequisites and Recommended Courses

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