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Second Chances: Second Chance Act and Barriers to Re-Entry - The Norman J. and Alice Chapman Rubash Distinguished Lecture in Law and Social Work

Wednesday, December 31, 1969 · 7:00 pm

About the Rubash Lecture & Lecturer

The Annual Rubash Lecture features a distinguished alumni speaker relevant to both the Schools of Law and Social Work. This year’s Rubash Lecturer will share her work with H.I.R.E., a project of the Legal Action Center in New York, that maintains a national network to pro-mote the hiring of formerly incarcerated persons to aid in their re-entry to community, employment and society. The Legal Action Center has also recently published a policy report focused on national efforts to implement the Second Chance Act of 2008 and a state-by-state as-sessment of barriers to re-entry. The Rubash program will involve a lecture followed by a regional response panel on the topic of The Sec-ond Chance Act and the barriers to and efforts for re-entry. The pro-gram will conclude with audience question and discussion with both the speaker and panel members. All are invited to a reception following the program.

Roberta Meyers-Peeples is Director of the Legal Action Center's National H.I.R.E. (Helping Individuals with criminal records Reenter through Employment) Network, a project aimed at increasing the number and quality of job opportunities available to people with criminal records by changing public policies, employment practices and public opinion. Prior to assuming this position, Ms. Meyers-Peeples served as Co-Director of HIRE for two years, Co-Deputy Director for one year and as the Field Educator and Organizer for two years while dramatically expanding the outreach of the Network.

CLE Information

Cost for CLE Credit: $25.00

This course has been approved by the Pennsylvania Continuing Legal Education Board for Two (2) hours of Substantive credit. Pay at the door with a check for $25.00 made payable to “University of Pittsburgh School of Law.” For further information, please call (412) 648-1305 or email

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