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The International Association of Artificial Intelligence and Law (IAAIL) on LinkedIn

The International Association of Artificial Intelligence and Law (IAAIL) has set up a group for itself on LinkedIn (the professional social network site):

There were several motivations for establishing the LinkedIn group. One was to give people in the community an easy way to share announcements (e.g., for ICAIL, JURIX, and other relevant forums. A second was to increase awareness of AI & Law and to reach out to potential new IAAIL members via LinkedIn. And another was to foster group discussion, including the sharing of thoughts, comments or questions about the upcoming ICAIL conference and its Pittsburgh venue.

The LinkedIn page for IAAIL has a tab that facilitates such group discussions, and members have several options on how to be notified when new entries are posted. There are also tabs for news and job listings, and another for subgroups (which might be used for more focused discussion topics such as annotated test collections for development or use by the community). There is another tab that shows group membership, including links to the member profiles.

The IAAIL Executive Committee encourages your participation in this LinkedIn group and welcomes your feedback, either through the LinkedIn group itself or via an individual message to the committee (

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