University of Pittsburgh
The Pitt Law Academy presents:

Where Should I Live/Practice Law? Advice From Alumni Living All Over the United States (& the World!)

October 14, 2011 - 1:00pm
University of Pittsburgh School of Law
3900 Forbes Avenue Teplitz Moot Courtroom
Pittsburgh, PA 15260

REMINDER! Pitt Law Academy: Program For 1Ls (& 2Ls & 3Ls: this one’s for you, too, see below)

Professor John Burkoff

On Friday, October 14, at 1:00 in the Courtroom, the Law School will host the third Pitt Law Academy program for this Academic Year.  The program is on the topic: “Where Should I Live/Practice Law? Advice From Alumni Living All Over the United States (& the World!).”


The seven panelists in this program are an extraordinarily interesting and talented group of lawyers – and one law professor.  They are all Pitt Law grads, and they are coming into town for alumni events during Homecoming weekend.  They are:

• David Aikenhead, Aikenhead Cipes & Supanich – Los Angeles

• Karen Lines, Associate General Counsel, Genentech – San Francisco

• Joe McDonagh, Special Assistant FBI Directorate of Intelligence – Washington, DC

• Mark Nadeau, DLA Piper – Phoenix

• Timothy Pecsenye, Blank Rome LLP – Philadelphia

• Eric Snyder, Bailey & Glasser – Charleston, WV

• Scott Wishart, Assistant Dean, International Programme, University of Navarra Faculty of Law – Pamplona, Spain


This program is designed to assist our current law students in thinking about life after law school, but – this time – not just in deciding what you might do when you graduate . . . but where you can and should do it!  Where should you live your life?  What could be more important than figuring that out?


Hey, look, don’t get us wrong.  Western Pennsylvania is great.  We’re here.  We’re here on purpose . . . we love it!  But – and this will come as a shock to some of you, I know, so maybe you better sit down to read this – but . . . there is life outside of Pittsburgh.


A good life.  A great life.  Other places have beaches!  Or mountains!  Or more places to shop, eat and/or hang out!  Although, let’s be honest here, there is no place in the world you can go with a better sports team than the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Just saying.  Assuming they fix their offensive line problems.  But I digress.


So  . . . where should you live your professional life?  Where should you go?  And, strategically, how do you even go about looking at getting into the Bar (note the capital “B”) in other places?  What’s it like to work in other places as a lawyer?  Are there any jobs?  What’s the legal culture like there?


Glad you asked.  Our seven panelists will each briefly answer those sorts of questions, talking generally about the Bars in other states and countries, and then specifically about the practice of law in LA, San Fran, DC, Phoenix, Philly, Charleston . . . and, si, amigo . . . in Pamplona (and Barcelona), Spain, too!  Can you really practice law as an expatriate?  Hey, our answer is clear: why the hell not?


Moreover, as an extra, added benefit at no extra cost to you (except increased competition for cookies): Because this Pitt Law Academy panel is taking place during the start of alumni Homecoming events, we have also invited another couple dozen or so alums who are in town to come to this event, although they will just be in the audience.  But that means that at the cookierama reception that will follow this panel in the Student Lounge, the panelists will be there . . . in addition to anumber of other Law School alums from all over the place, even some from Pittsburgh.  Come and mingle, network, and connect, particularly if you speak Spanish (“¿Usted tienen gusto de algunos tapas?”), or Californian (“Whasssup, Dude?”) , or Phillyese (“Yo, hay ya doin?”).


2ls and 3Ls: This is a particularly good program for you to pop in on, too . . . especially if you are considering leaving this region to work.  (And some of you have asked about jobs with the FBI.  Joe McDonagh is going to bring brochures.)  You are, of course, more than welcome to come and listen, and to come to the Reception, too, and troll for information . . . or jobs . . . or just cookies.

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