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Second Pitt Law Academy program

Public Law vs. Private Law Careers: What's the Difference? What's Best For Me?
October 1, 2012 - 4:30pm
University of Pittsburgh School of Law, Courtroom
3900 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15260

This coming Monday, October 1, at 4:30, in the Courtroom, the Law School will host the second Pitt Law Academy program for this Academic Year.  The program next week is on the topic: “Public Law vs. Private Law Careers: What's the Difference?  What's Best For Me?”

The five panelists in this program are a fascinating group of lawyers and judges, each of whom works in this region:

  • Hon. Maureen Kelly, U.S. Magistrate Judge (W.D. Pa.); formerly a law partner in a large firm doing employment law work
  • Tina Miller, Partner, Farrell & Reisinger; formerly an Assistant U.S. Attorney (W.D. Pa.)
  • Robbi Robinson, Senior Corporate Counsel, Giant Eagle
  • Hon. William Ward, Judge, Court of Common Pleas (Allegheny County, Family Division); former federal and state prosecutor, private practitioner, and Chief Staff to Gov. Tom Corbett
  • Michael Wojcik, Senior Counsel, Thorp Reed & Armstrong; former Allegheny County (Pa.) Solicitor

Michael Wojcik, Senior Counsel, Thorp Reed & Armstrong; former Allegheny County (Pa.) Solicitor

The key to this program is giving you an the opportunity to think about whether you might be interested in a public law or a private law career . . . or both! Doing both is certainly a possibility, as you will hear. Each panelist in this program will offer his or her thoughts about the pros and cons of living a life doing primarily private or public law work. (Or both.) And I’ve also included an “in-house” attorney, corporate counsel for Giant Eagle, to let you hear a little bit about that kind of life as well.

Just like the last program, not only is this an extraordinarily successful group of lawyers and judges, but each one of them is truly interesting, thoughtful, inspiring, . . . and entertaining as well. You should truly enjoy hearing about just how each of these panelists “made it,” and their advice about the many different ways in which you can “make it,” too.

Just remember: when you do “make it,” don’t forget all of us “little people” back here at Pitt Law School. If you eventually become Senior Corporate Counsel at Giant Eagle, for example, please remember that I would be delighted to hold the extravagantly-endowed Market Fresh Professorship of Law . . . or the even more prestigious Fuelperks Chair.

Finally, as always, I am delighted to report that as tradition requires, a cookiecentric reception will follow this event in the Student Lounge. However, this time, in deference to the cookie averse, there will be fruit available, too. Cookies or fruit, it’s your choice. We will not judge you. So don’t just listen to the speakers. Come meet them and talk to them, too, while biting into a whole grapefruit. That should impress them.

2ls and 3Ls: As always, you are more than welcome to come and listen to these speakers, and to come to the Reception, too. This is truly an interesting panel. Judge Kelly spoke as part of this same panel last year, but the other four panelists are brand spanking new to this series. Those of you looking to finding an exciting career in Grocery Law, for example, hey . . . this is your chance! Seriously though, wait until you hear about that things that Robbi Robinson does for Giant Eagle, which includes advising on issues relating to fashion! See you there!

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