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The Pitt Law Academy presents:

Working in Law Firms: What's the Difference (Personally and Professionally) Between Working in Small, Medium, and Large Firms?

November 1, 2012 - 4:30pm
University of Pittsburgh School of Law
3900 Forbes Avenue Teplitz Moot Courtroom
Pittsburgh, PA 15260

Pitt Law Academy: Program For 1Ls (& 2Ls & 3Ls: this one’s also worth checking out, see below)

(Professor John Burkoff)


Thursday, November 1 at 4:30 p.m., in the Courtroom, the Law School will present our fourth Pitt Law Academy program for this Academic Year.  The newest program is on the topic: “Working in Law Firms: What's the Difference (Personally and Professionally) Between Working in Small, Medium, and Large Firms?


The five panelists who will be speaking in this program are a terrifically interesting, diverse, and amazingly talented group of local lawyers.  They are:


1.  Julie Aquino, Campbell Durrant Beatty Palombo & Miller

2.  Ron Basso, Buchanan Ingersoll

3.  Mark Frank, Campbell & Levine

4.  Stacey Vernallis, Goehring Rutter & Boehm,

5.  Bill Wycoff, Thorp Reed & Armstrong


The Pitt Law Academy program is designed, as you well know by now, to assist you in thinking about life after law school.  This time the focus is on – not just deciding what you might do when you graduate . . . but – if you are interested in going into private practice – what type of law firm setting is best for you?  What type of law firm practice will give you the most professional satisfaction and make you the happiest?  Don’t worry about what the gunner in your Torts class wants to do with his or her life, what will make YOU the happiest?


Look, you won’t be surprised to find out that law firm life is not the same in every setting.  You’ve all undoubtedly heard about BigLaw . . . the superlarge law firms where you make tons of money and you work tons of hours.  Does that appeal to you?


It will to some of you.  Some of you will love that kind of life.  And some of you won’t.  What is that kind of lawyer life really like anyway?  And if you don’t go that BigLaw route, what’s really the difference between large, medium, and smaller-sized law firms?  Does it really make any difference where you practice?  (Yes.  Yes, it really does.)


Glad you asked.  Our five panelists will each briefly answer that question, talking generally about the pros and cons of different types of private-practice settings.  Most of them have worked in a number of different types of and sized law firms.


There will, of course, also be a Reception to follow this presentation, giving you a chance to meet and greet the panelists.  Because this is sort of a twisty time of year, we will be serving for your gustatory delight . . . pretzels!  Pretzels!  Everyone likes pretzels, right?  Oh, and fruit, too.  Pretzels and fruit, and to wash it all down, we will have gallons of that unbelievably sweet fruit punch on hand.  Yumm-o, huh?  You really won’t want to miss that.


Once again, as you have at the last three receptions, please take advantage of the opportunity to meet our panelists face to face, to smile at them, and to make them love you.  No . . . you know what? . . . actually, strike that . . . bad idea . . . just ask them some questions, get some ideas, and – who knows? – maybe get them interested in hiring you someday and paying you hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Give them a pretzel.


2ls and 3Ls: This is another useful program for you to show up at, particularly if you are considering a career in private practice.  You are, of course, more than welcome to attend, to come to the Reception, to shmooze with the panelists, and to snag a pretzel and a piece of cantaloupe.

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