University of Pittsburgh
Pitt Law Academy presents:

Hold off on the Mercedes: How to Make & Live on a Budget After Law School

April 9, 2013 - 4:30pm
University of Pittsburgh School of Law
3900 Forbes Avenue Room 107
Pittsburgh, PA 15260


Pitt Law Academy: Program For 1Ls (& 2Ls & 3Ls are very welcome)

On Tuesday, April 9 at 4:30 p.m. in Room 107, the Law School is thrilled to present the very last (but not by any means the very least) Pitt Law Academy program for this Academic Year. The program on Tuesday is on the topic: “Hold off on the Mercedes: How to Make & Live on a Budget After Law School.”

The three panelists who will be speaking on Monday are truly an amazing trio: two extremely talented, amazing, young attorneys; and one extremely talented, amazing, young political figure. The three are:

• Nicola Henry Taylor, Law Office of Nicola Henry-Taylor, LLC

• Elizabeth Hughes, Raphael, Ramsden & Behers (until recently Assistant Solicitor for Allegheny County); and

• Chelsa Wagner, Allegheny County Controller

The Pitt Law Academy program is – you get to hear this one last time! – designed to assist you in thinking about life after law school. This is another one of those programs BTW on a subject requested by last year’s 1L students.

Our three panelists will offer you advice about what is coming, albeit not for another two years. What should you be thinking about and/or planning for now? How should you handle this transition from school to real life? How do you do it? How do you plan – financially, but also emotionally, perhaps – for life after law school, a life which will possibly include families (someday) and extraordinary time pressures . . . and possibly lots of debt!

All three panelists are younger. All three had to face these same issues, albeit in a slightly better economy. Come listen to what they have to say. Figure out a way to “start your lives” successfully, on your own. Find a life for yourself where you don’t have to keep living with your parents and having Mom do your laundry for you! (You can live somewhere nicer and just drop it off for her to do.)

As before, I’ve asked these three presenters – including Chelsa, even though she’s a lawyer turned politician – to actually tell you the truth. What’s truly possible for you? How can you practice law (or go into politics) and survive . . . even with families and time pressures and debts? Hey, look, let me just tell you right now: the truth may not be all that pretty. I don’t want to steal their thunder, but the economy is not terrific, that’s no secret. Is there any good news at all? Well . . . it may be a good thing that you don’t graduate for two more years.

Following this presentation, you will have the chance to attend your final Pitt Law Academy Reception©. You will never have the opportunity again – as 1Ls, at least – to feast on the regionally-celebrated, pseudo-ambrosial, arguably nutritious (under the regulatory guidelines of at least one state), high fiber but low-phat Pitt Law Academy Cookies© and “Punch”©.

However, with this part of your 1L experience coming to a close, as a public service to you, I have, after some considerable effort and the help of the editors of Bon Appetit magazine, managed to obtain for you the Food Service recipes for these gastronomic treats:

Pitt Law Academy Cookies©

(1) Open large cookie package

(2) Spread on big plate

Pitt Law Academy Punch©

(1) Open punch container

(2) Pour into big metal container thingie

You’re very welcome.

2ls and 3Ls: Hey, 2Ls, you asked me for this program. So come listen to what our panelists have to say! Oh . . . and 3Ls . . . as to that part above where I told the 1Ls that it’s lucky they don’t graduate this year . . . just kidding.

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