University of Pittsburgh

Faculty Workshops and Speakers 2011-2012

(All in Alcoa Room, Noon, unless otherwise noted)

Fall, 2011

Tu, Sept. 6 – Chapin Cimino, Drexel: “Campus Citizenship and Associational Freedom”

Tu, Sept. 20 -- Garrett Epps, U. Baltimore: "What Is a Constitutional Myth? Putting together the Atlantic "Ten Misconceptions" Series"

Wed., Sept. 21 – Alan Dignam, Queen Mary University, London: "Understanding the Financial Crisis in the UK:  Pay, Risk, and Responsibility in the 21st Century" 

Tu, Sept. 27 – Carrie Basas, Case Western:  "A Collective Good: Disability Diversity in Public Sector Collective Bargaining Agreements"  

Tu, Oct. 11 – David Herring: "Teaching Skills of Legal Analysis:  Does the Emperor Have Any Clothes?"

Tu, Oct. 25 -- Rhonda Wasserman

Tu, Nov 8 – Jules Lobel

Thurs, Nov. 17 – Bernie Hibbitts: "Who Do We Think We Are? (Re-)Discovering the History of Lawyers"

Spring, 2012

Thurs., Jan. 19 – Debbie Brake

Tu, Jan. 31 – Carla Spivak – (Okla. City U., visiting professor, Pitt)

Tu, Feb. 28 – Laura McNally – Case Western

Tu, March 13 – Kevin Ashley

Tu, March 27 – Wayne Logan, Florida State

April 3 – Ben Walther, Michigan State

April 17 - Verna Williams, Cincinnati 

April 24 - Elena Baylis

New: Faculty/Student Research Lunch Series

Thurs, Sept. 22: Pat Chew: research on the influence of the race of judges on judicial decisions

Thurs, Oct. 18: Haider Hamoudi: research and work on the Iraqi constitution

Thurs., March 22 – Kevin Ashley: research on artificial intelligence

Spring semester, date TBA.: Mirit Eyal-Cohen: research on small businesses

New: Emerging Ideas Workshops

Scheduled as requested, these sessions give two faculty members a chance to get immediate feedback on their new ideas.  No written product needed; we aren’t looking for that, and would discourage anything beyond an (optional) abstract. The emphasis is on constructive reactions to projects in the formative stage.

New: Spring Faculty Cooperative Workshop – Pitt, W.Va., Duquesne

On April 13, 2012, we will participate in the new cooperative faculty workshop between Pitt W.Va., and Duquesne, to be held at Duquesne. There will be one speaker selected from each of the three schools, and they will each present their work during the afternoon.  We’re looking to feature scholarship from faculty at any level, junior or senior.  All faculty members from each institution are invited and encouraged to attend and participate.  The event will kick off with lunch.  If the event proves successful, either Pitt or W.Va. will host it next year. 

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