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Exam Period Lab Hours and Printing - Fall 08

During the Exam Period the Law School Computing Lab will be open the same hours as the Barco Law Library, but will close 15 minutes prior to the Library closure.  

University Computing Labs will operate under normal hours until Saturday, December 13th.   All University Labs will be closed on Sunday, December 14th, and will begin Interim Hours on Monday December 15th.   During this time (Dec 15th-Jan 4th), the University Lab in Hillman Library will be open during Hillman Library's hours of 8:30am-5pm.  

Due to the limited hours of the Univeristy Computing Labs during the second week of the Law School Exam period, students will be provided with 150 additional pages to their Law School Print quota.   These pages will be credited at the beginning of the Exam Period.


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