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New Books (Added October, 2011)

October 2011

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Writing shorter legal documents : strategies for faster and better editing. Sandra Jean Oster Oct 2011
Why the law is so perverse. Leo Katz Oct 2011
What's law got to do with it? : what judges do, why they do it, and what's at stake. Charles Gardner Geyh Oct 2011
Up in smoke : from legislation to litigation in tobacco politics. Martha Derthick Oct 2011
Thesaurus of claim construction. Robert Kahrl Oct 2011
The young litigator: tips on rainmaking, writing and trial practice. Oct 2011
The road to independence: 101 women's journeys to starting their own law firms. Karen Lockwood (ed.) Oct 2011
The preacher and the politician: Jeremiah Wright, Barack Obama, and race in America. Clarence Earl Walker Oct 2011
The lawyer's essential guide to writing : proven tools and techniques. Marie Buckley Oct 2011
The Genocide Convention sixty years after its adoption. Christoph Safferling (ed.) Oct 2011
The ethics of total confinement : a critique of madness, citizenship, and social justice. Bruce Arrigo Oct 2011
The end of country. Bruce Arrigo Oct 2011
The access of individuals to international justice. Aontonio Augusto Cancado Trindade Oct 2011
Tax treaties and domestic law. Guglielmo Maisto (ed.) Oct 2011
Self-determination in the post-9/11 era. E. Chadwick Oct 2011
Secured credit and the harmonisation of law : the UNCITRAL experience. G. McCormack Oct 2011
Safeguards in a world of ambient intelligence. Pasi Ahonen (ed.) Oct 2011
Risk management for park, recreation, and leisure services. James Peterson Oct 2011
Reinventing professional services: building your business in the digital marketplace. Ari Kaplan Oct 2011
Reinventing data protection? Serge Gutwirth (ed.) Oct 2011
Rantings of a partner: and pushback from the associate. Bart Greenwald (ed.) Oct 2011
Profiling the European citizen: cross-disciplinary perspectives. Mireille Hildebrandt (ed.) Oct 2011
Privacy, security and information management: an overview. Andrew Serwin Oct 2011
New York Times v. Sullivan: civil rights, libel law, and the free press. Kermit Hall Oct 2011
Network neutrality and open access. Indra Spiecker genannt Dohmann (ed.) Oct 2011
Money, politics, and the Constitution : beyond Citizens United. Monica Youn (ed.) Oct 2011
Managing e-discovery and ESI: from pre-litigation through trial. Michael D. Berman (ed.) Oct 2011
Lessons in integration: realizing the promise of racial diversity in American schools. Erica Frankenberg (ed.) Oct 2011
Judging law and policy: courts and policymaking in the American political system. Robert Howard Oct 2011
Job quest for lawyers: the essential guide to finding and landing the job you want. Sheila Nielsen Oct 2011
International human rights and mental disability law: when the silenced are heard. Michael Perlin Oct 2011
In defense of flogging. Peter Moskos Oct 2011
High ideals: the life of Michael J. Galvin Priscilla Watkins Oct 2011
Giving it all away : the story of William W. Cook & his Michigan Law Quadrangle. Margaret Leary Oct 2011
Foreclosure defense: a practical litigation guide. Rebecca Taylor Oct 2011
Five chiefs: a Supreme Court memoir. John Paul Stevens Oct 2011
European legal history: a cultural and political perspective. Randall Lesaffer Oct 2011
Equal justice: a history of the legal aid society of Milwaukee. Thomas G. Cannon Oct 2011
Equal employment of persons with disabilities: federal and state law, accommodations, and diversity best practices. John Parry Oct 2011
Destiny of the republic: a tale of madness, medicine, and the murder of a president. Candice Millard Oct 2011
Defending Congress and the Constitution. Louis Fisher Oct 2011
Debt-for-development exchanges: history and new applications. Ross P. Buckley (ed.) Oct 2011
Customary justice and the rule of law in war-torn societies. Deborah Isser (ed.) Oct 2011
Constraints on the waging of war: an introduction to international humanitarian law. F. Kalshoven Oct 2011
Annotated model rules of professional conduct. Ellen Bennett (ed.) Oct 2011
Anatomy of a trial: a handbook for young lawyer. Paul Mark Sandler Oct 2011
American politicians confront the court: opposition politics and changing responses to judicial power. Stephen Engel Oct 2011
Acting skills for lawyers. Laura Mathis Oct 2011

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