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New Books (Added November, 2011)

November 2011

Title Author Addedsort icon
Writing for litigation. Kamela Bridges Nov 2011
Whose Monet?: an introduction to the American legal system. John Humbach Nov 2011
Visualizing law in the age of the digital baroque: arabesques and entanglements. Richard K. Sherwin Nov 2011
Understanding Islamic law: Sharia. Raj Bhala Nov 2011
The semiotics of law in legal education. Jan M. Broekman (ed.) Nov 2011
The public nature of private property. Robin Paul Malloy (ed.) Nov 2011
The prohibition of age discrimination in labour relations: reports to the XVIIIth International Congress of Comparative Law, Washington, D.C., July 25-August 1, 2010. Monika Schlachter (ed.) Nov 2011
The constitutional integrity of the European Union. Fabian Amtenbrink (ed.) Nov 2011
Teaching law: a framework for instructional mastery. Nelson Miller Nov 2011
Residential construction and remodeling in Pennsylvania: working with homeowners and small contractors. Rebecca Bowman Nov 2011
Reductions in force in employment law. Ethan Lipsig Nov 2011
Rediscovering Lone Pine. Andrew Popper Nov 2011
Rascuache lawyer: toward a theory of ordinary litigation. Alfredo Mirandei Nov 2011
Normative jurisprudence: an introduction. Robin West Nov 2011
Navigating legal research & technology: quick reference guide to the 1,500 most common questions about traditional and online legal research. Joel Fishman Nov 2011
Making environmental law: the politics of protecting the Earth. Nancy Marion Nov 2011
Legal systems and wind energy: a comparative perspective. Helle Tegner Anker (ed.) Nov 2011
Latest developments in EU private International law. Beatriz Campuzano Diaz (ed.) Nov 2011
Jersey justice: the story of the Trenton Six. Cathy Knepper Nov 2011
Human rights protection in the European legal order: the interaction between the European and the national courts. Patricia Popelier (ed.) Nov 2011
Hijacked justice: dealing with the past in the Balkans. Jelena Subotic Nov 2011
Highest courts and globalisation. Sam Muller (ed.) Nov 2011
Hatred at home: Al-Qaida on trial in the American Midwest. Andrew Welsh-Huggins Nov 2011
Getting to the rule of law. James Fleming (ed.) Nov 2011
From rhetoric to action: implementing the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Eilionoir Flynn Nov 2011
First thing we do, let's deregulate all the lawyers. Clifford Winston Nov 2011
Comparative law: historical development of the civil law tradition in Europe, Latin America, and East Asia. John Henry Merryman Nov 2011
A doubtful and perilous experiment: advisory opinions, state constitutions, and judicial supremacy. Mel Topf Nov 2011
Witches, wife beaters, and whores: common law and common folk in early America. Elaine Forman Crane Nov 2011
Unpopular privacy: what must we hide? Anita Allen Nov 2011
Treaty interpretation and the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties: 30 years on. Malgosia Fitzmaurice (ed.) Nov 2011
The Endangered Species Act and federalism: effective conservation through greater state commitment. Kaush Arha (ed.) Nov 2011
The effect of a change of circumstances on the binding force of contracts: comparative perspectives. Rodrigo Andres Momberg Uribe Nov 2011
The constrained court: law, politics, and the decisions justices make. Michael Bailey Nov 2011
The civil law consequences of corruption. Olaf Meyer (ed.) Nov 2011
The body of John Merryman: Abraham Lincoln and the suspension of habeas corpus. Brian McGinty Nov 2011
Terrorism and international law: accountability, remedies, and reform: a report of the IBA Task Force on Terrorism. Elizabeth Stubbins Bates Nov 2011
Sovereign equality and moral disagreement: premises of a pluralist international legal order. Brad Roth Nov 2011
Rights gone wrong: how law corrupts the struggle for equality. Richard Ford Nov 2011
Promoting human rights in Asia and Europe :the role of regional integration. Apirat Petchsiri (ed.) Nov 2011
Nixon's court: his challenge to judicial liberalism and its political consequences. Kevin McMahon Nov 2011
Law's relations: a relational theory of self, autonomy, and law. Jennifer Nedelsky Nov 2011
Law, language, and empire in the Roman tradition. Clifford Ando Nov 2011
Law, justice, democracy, and the clash of cultures: a pluralist account. Michel Rosenfeld Nov 2011
Law as punishment/law as regulation. Austin Sarat (ed.) Nov 2011
Judicial decisions in the pre-trial phase of criminal proceedings in France, Germany, and England: a comparative analysis responding to the law of the International Criminal Court. Pierre Hauck Nov 2011
Islam in American prisons: black Muslims' challenge to American penology. Hamid Kusha Nov 2011
Humanity's law. Ruti Teitel Nov 2011
Domestic law goes global: legal traditions and international courts. Sara McLaughlin Mitchell Nov 2011
Detention in the 'War on Terror': can human rights fight back? Fiona De Londras Nov 2011
Class, race, gender, and crime: the social realities of justice in America. Gregg Barak Nov 2011
Children's socio-economic rights, democracy and the courts. Aoife Nolan Nov 2011
African regional trade agreements as legal regimes. James Thuo Gathii Nov 2011
A First Amendment profile of the Supreme Court. Craig Smith (ed.) Nov 2011

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