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New Books (Added December, 2011)

December 2011

Title Authorsort icon Added
Common law, civil law and the future of categories. Janet Walker (ed.) Dec 2011
Disobeying the Security Council: countermeasures against wrongful sanctions. Antonios Tzanakopoulos Dec 2011
The Rehnquist court and criminal justice. Christopher E. Smith (ed.) Dec 2011
Legal reasoning, writing, and other lawyering skills. Robin Wellford Slocum Dec 2011
Human rights law and the marginalized other. William Paul Simmons Dec 2011
The justice cascade: how human rights prosecutions are changing world politics. Kathryn Sikkink Dec 2011
Migrants and Fighting Discrimination in Europe. Pierre Salama Dec 2011
National minorities in inter-state relations. Francesco Palermo (ed.) Dec 2011
Verification in an age of insecurity: the future of arms control compliance. Philip O'Neill Dec 2011
The Optional Protocol to the UN Convention Against Torture. Rachel Murray Dec 2011
A law graduate's guide: navigating law school's hidden career and professional-development curriculum. Nelson Miller Dec 2011
Equivocal child abuse. Sandra McPherson Dec 2011
Copyfraud and other abuses of intellectual property law. Jason Mazzone Dec 2011
Silenced: how apostasy and blasphemy codes are choking freedom worldwide. Paul Marshall Dec 2011
Principles of Islamic international criminal law: a comparative search. Farhad Malekian Dec 2011
Redemption, rehabilitation and risk management: a history of probation. George Mair Dec 2011
Novel judgements: legal theory as fiction. William MacNeil Dec 2011
Judiciaries in comparative perspective. H.P. Lee (ed.) Dec 2011
The function of law in the international community. Hersch Lauterpacht Dec 2011
Maritime power and the law of the sea:expeditionary operations in world politics. James Kraska Dec 2011
Energy law and policy. Gordon Kaiser (ed.) Dec 2011
Poetry of the law: from Chaucer to the present. David Kader (ed.) Dec 2011
Where there is no government : enforcing property rights in common law Africa. Sandra Fullerton Joireman Dec 2011
A legal strategist's guide to Trademark, Trial, and Appeal Board practice. Jonathan Hudis (ed.) Dec 2011
The tobacco challenge: legal policy and consumer protection Geraint Howells Dec 2011
Taking liberties: the war on terror and the erosion of american democracy. Susan Herman Dec 2011
An unfortunate coincidence: Jews, Jewishness, and English law. Didi Herman Dec 2011
The dynamics of constitutionalism in the age of globalisation. Morly Frishman (ed.) Dec 2011
The end of the pipeline: a journey of recognition for African Americans entering the legal profession. Dorothy Evensen Dec 2011
Elena Kagan: from nominee to Supreme Court Justice. Samuel Earnst (ed.) Dec 2011
Justice for kids: keeping kids out of the juvenile justice system. Nancy Down (ed.) Dec 2011
Human rights in times of conflict and terrorism. Louise Doswald-Beck Dec 2011
Law and religion in Europe: a comparative introduction. Norman Doe Dec 2011
Asbestos bankruptcy trusts and tort compensation. Lloyd Dixon Dec 2011
Jacques Derrida :law as absolute hospitality. Jacques De Ville Dec 2011
Faith in paper: the ethnohistory and litigation of upper Great Lakes Indian treaties. Charles Cleland Dec 2011
One of ours. Willa Cather Dec 2011
Legitimacy and legality in international law:an interactional account. Jutta Brunnele Dec 2011
Access to information as a human right. Cheryl Ann Bishop Dec 2011
The roots of romanticism. Isaiah Berlin Dec 2011
Environmental law and sustainability after Rio. Jamie Benidickson (ed.) Dec 2011
A legal guide to doing business in South America. Ricardo Barretto (ed.) Dec 2011
Whose drop is it, anyway? : legal issues surrounding our nation's water resources. Megan Baroni (ed.) Dec 2011
Body of secrets: anatomy of the ultra-secret National Security Agency. James Bamford Dec 2011
Living originalism. J.M. Balkin Dec 2011
Lone star law: a legal history of Texas. Michael Ariens Dec 2011
The history of law school libraries in the United States: defining moments. Glen-Peter Ahlers Dec 2011
Antitrust counterattack in intellectual property litigation handbook. Dec 2011

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