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New Books (Added January, 2012)

January 2012

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Administrative law and policy of the European Union. Herwig Hofmann Jan 2012
At the edge of law: emergent and divergent models of legal professionalism. Andrew Francis Jan 2012
Blood and borders :the responsibility to protect and the problem of the kin-state. Walter Kemp (ed.) Jan 2012
British government and the constitution: text and materials. Colin Turpin Jan 2012
Community and collective rights: a theoretical framework for rights held by groups. Dwight Newman Jan 2012
Criminal law reform and transitional justice: human rights perspectives for Sudan. Lutz Oette (ed.) Jan 2012
Dirty money: the evolution of international measures to counter money laundering and the financing of terrorism. William Gilmore Jan 2012
Doctors and demonstrators : how political institutions shape abortion law in the United States, Britain, and Canada. Drew Halfmann Jan 2012
European legal method: paradoxes and revitalisation. Ulla Neergaard (ed.) Jan 2012
Formalities in copyright law: an analysis of their history, rationales and possible futures. Stef van Gompel Jan 2012
Gender, shame and sexual violence: the voices of witnesses and court members at war crimes tribunals. Sara Sharratt Jan 2012
How constitutions change: a comparative study. Dawn Oliver (ed.) Jan 2012
Human rights: the commons and the collective. Laura Westra Jan 2012
Human rights, state compliance, and social change: assessing national human rights institutions. Ryan Goodman (ed.) Jan 2012
International double taxation. Mogens Rasmussen Jan 2012
Internet co-regulation: European law, regulatory governance and legitimacy in cyberspace. Christopher Marsden Jan 2012
Investigating cyber law and cyber ethics: issues, impacts and practices. Alfreda Dudley (ed.) Jan 2012
Legal documents from the Judean desert: the impact of the Sharia on Bedouin customary law. Aharon Layish Jan 2012
Loss of control and diminished responsibility: domestic, comparative and international perspectives. Alan Reed (ed.) Jan 2012
Merciful judgments and contemporary society: legal problems, legal possibilities. Austin Sarat (ed.) Jan 2012
Promises and contract law: comparative perspectives. Martin Hogg Jan 2012
Regulating the use of force in wars of national liberation: the need for a new regime: a study of the South Moluccas and Aceh. Noelle Higgins Jan 2012
The Costanzo obligation: the obligations of national administrative authorities in the case of incompatibility between National law and European law. Maartje Verhoeven Jan 2012
The culture of judicial independence: conceptual foundations and practical challenges. Shimon Shetreet (ed.) Jan 2012
The freedom to be racist?: how the United States and Europe struggle to preserve freedom and combat racism. Erik Bleich Jan 2012
The human dimension of international law: selected papers. Antonio Cassese Jan 2012
The invention of law in the West. Aldo Schiavone Jan 2012
The legal foundations of inequality: constitutionalism in the Americas, 1776-1860. Roberto Gargarella Jan 2012
The reparation system of the International Criminal Court: its implementation, possibilities and limitations. Eva Dwertmann Jan 2012
The responsibility to protect: the promise of stopping mass atrocities in our time. Jared Genser (ed.) Jan 2012
The structure of intellectual property law: can one size fit all? Annette Kur (ed.) Jan 2012
Transition from illegal regimes under international law. Yael Ronen Jan 2012
Unlocking EU law. Tony Storey Jan 2012
Victimological approaches to international law: Africa. Rianne Letschert (ed.) Jan 2012
War by contract: human rights, humanitarian law, and private contractor. Francesco Francioni (ed.) Jan 2012
A slave in the White House: Paul Jennings and the Madisons. Elizabeth Dowling Taylor Jan 2012
Buckley: William F. Buckley Jr. and the rise of American conservatism. Carl Bogus Jan 2012
Cocktail hour under the tree of forgetfulness. Alexandra Fuller Jan 2012
Demon of the lost cause: Sherman and Civil War history. Wesley Moody Jan 2012
Farm city: the education of an urban farmer. Novella Carpenter Jan 2012
Girl in translation. Jean Kwok Jan 2012
How does it feel to be a problem?: being young and Arab in America. Moustafa Bayoumi Jan 2012
Just don't fall: a hilariously true story of childhood, cancer, amputation, romantic yearning, truth, and Olympic greatness. Josh Sundquist Jan 2012
Malled: my unintentional career in retail. Caitlin Kelly Jan 2012
Shop class as soulcraft: an inquiry into the value of work. Matthew B. Crawford Jan 2012
Steve Jobs. Walter Isaacson Jan 2012
The borrower Rebecca Makkai Jan 2012
The innovator's cookbook: essentials for inventing what is next. Steven Johnson (ed.) Jan 2012
The lost symbol: a novel. Dan Brown Jan 2012
The personal history of Rachel Dupree Ann Weisgarber Jan 2012
The wandering falcon. Jamil Ahmad Jan 2012
The well and the mine: a novel. Gin Phillips Jan 2012
We have met the enemy: self-control in an age of excess. Daniel Akst Jan 2012
Where good ideas come from: the natural history of innovation. Steven Johnson Jan 2012
Why manners matter : what Confucius, Jefferson, and Jackie O knew and you should too. Lucinda Holdforth Jan 2012
A troubled marriage: domestic violence and the legal system. Leigh Goodmark Jan 2012
Daughter of the Empire State: the life of Judge Jane Bolin. Jacqueline McLeod Jan 2012
Design for liberty: private property, public administration, and the rule of law. Richard Epstein Jan 2012
Diritto universale: A translation from Latin into English of Giambattista Vico's Il diritto universale Giambattista Vico Jan 2012
Economic policy and human rights: holding governments to account. Radhika Balarishnan (ed.) Jan 2012
Friend v. friend: the transformation of friendship and what the law has to do with it. Ethan Leib Jan 2012
Gunfight: the battle over the right to bear arms in America. Adam Winkler Jan 2012
Hot topics in the legal profession 2010. Steven Childress (ed.) Jan 2012
How leading lawyers think: expert insights into judgment and advocacy. Randall Kiser Jan 2012
Immigration, assimilation, and border security. Yoku Shaw-Taylor Jan 2012
Infinite hope and finite disappointment: the story of the first interpreters of the Fourteenth Amendment. Elizabeth Reilly (ed.) Jan 2012
Intellectual property in academia: a practical guide for scientists and engineers. Nadya Reingand (ed.) Jan 2012
International law and domestic legal systems: incorporation, transformation, and persuasion. Dinah Shelton (ed.) Jan 2012
Law as profession and practice in medieval Europe: essays in honor of James A. Brundage. Kenneth Pennington (ed.) Jan 2012
Liberty's refuge: the forgotten freedom of assembly. John Inazu Jan 2012
Lincoln and the triumph of the nation: constitutional conflict in the American Civil War. Mark Neely Jan 2012
Living originalism. J.M. Balkin Jan 2012
LL. M. roadmap: an international student's guide to U.S. law school programs. George Edwards Jan 2012
Mathematics, physics and finance for the legal profession. Ashley Lipson Jan 2012
Moving toward the future of policing. Gregory Treverton (ed.) Jan 2012
National security, civil liberties and the war on terror. M. Katherine Darmer (ed.) Jan 2012
Parallel proceedings: navigating multiple case litigation. Miriam Weismann Jan 2012
Police and military dogs: criminal detection, forensic evidence, and judicial admissibility. John Ensminger Jan 2012
Stories about science in law: literary and historical images of acquired expertise. David Stanley Caudill Jan 2012
Techniques for teaching law 2. Gerald Hess Jan 2012
The collapse of American criminal justice. William Stuntz Jan 2012
The constitutional rights of children: in re Gault and juvenile justice. David Spinoza Tanenhaus Jan 2012
The end of negotiable instruments: bringing payment systems law out of the past. James Steven Rogers Jan 2012
The landscape of the legal professions in Europe and the USA: continuity and change. C.H. van Rhee Uzelac (ed.) Jan 2012
The language of perjury cases. Roger Shuy Jan 2012
Unorthodox lawmaking: new legislative processes in the U.S. Congress. Barbara Sinclair Jan 2012
Web of deceit: misinformation and manipulation in the age of social media. Anne Mintz (ed.) Jan 2012
We're losing our minds: rethinking American higher education. Richard Keeling Jan 2012

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