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New Books (Added March, 2012)

March 2012

Title Authorsort icon Added
The Saddam Hussein trial. ICA Press Mar 2012
Guidelines of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe on child-friendly justice. Mar 2012
Definition and development of human rights and popular sovereignty in Europe. Mar 2012
The danger-to-self-or-others exception to confidentiality. C. Emmanuel Ahia Mar 2012
Cruel & unusual: the American death penalty and the founders' Eighth Amendment. John Bessler Mar 2012
Magistrates and pioneers: essays in the history of American law. Warren Billings Mar 2012
Cybercrime: the investigation, prosecution and defense of a computer-related crime. Ralph Clifford (ed.) Mar 2012
The Vienna Conventions on the Law of Treaties: a commentary. Olivier Corten Mar 2012
Federal grand jury practice and procedure. Paul Diamond Mar 2012
Henry Friendly: greatest judge of his era. David Dorsen Mar 2012
The law and theory of trade secrecy: a handbook of contemporary research. Rochelle Dreyfuss (ed.) Mar 2012
Marginal workers: how legal fault lines divide workers and leave them without protection. Ruben Garcia Mar 2012
Intersexuality and the law: why sex matters. Julie Greenberg Mar 2012
Global perspectives on counterterrorism. Amos Guiora Mar 2012
Human rights and a changing media landscape. Thomas Hammarberg Mar 2012
Anti-monopoly law and practice in China. H. Stephen Harris Jr. Mar 2012
Media revolution in Europe: ahead of the curve. Karol Jakubowicz Mar 2012
World and town: a novel. Gish Jen Mar 2012
Reapportionment and redistricting in the West. Gary Moncrief Mar 2012
Prosecuting international crimes in Africa. Chacha Murungu (ed.) Mar 2012
Renewable energy tax incentives and WTO law: irreconcilably incompatible? Carol Ni Ghiollarnath Mar 2012
E-discovery and data privacy: a practical guide. Catrien Noorda Mar 2012
How to fix copyright. William Patry Mar 2012
The Supreme Court and the NCAA: the case for less commercialism and more due process in college sports. Brian Porto Mar 2012
Federalism and the tug of war within. Erin Ryan Mar 2012
Nonprofit law: the life cycle of a charitable organization. Betsy Schmidt Mar 2012
Freedom papers: an Atlantic odyssey in the age of emancipation. Rebecca Scott Mar 2012
Firing at will: a manager's guide. Jay Shepherd Mar 2012
Trials and tribulations, trends and triumphs: developments in international, African and South African child and family law. Julia Sloth-Nielsen (ed.) Mar 2012
Corporate governance after the financial crisis. P.M. Vasudev (ed.) Mar 2012
A worldview of animal law. Bruce Wagman Mar 2012
The Supreme Court and the environment: the reluctant protector. Michael Allan Wolf Mar 2012
Extradition and rendition: background and issues. Brenden Zimmer (ed.) Mar 2012

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