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New Books (Added March, 2012)

March 2012

Title Authorsort icon Added
Extradition and rendition: background and issues. Brenden Zimmer (ed.) Mar 2012
The Supreme Court and the environment: the reluctant protector. Michael Allan Wolf Mar 2012
A worldview of animal law. Bruce Wagman Mar 2012
Corporate governance after the financial crisis. P.M. Vasudev (ed.) Mar 2012
Trials and tribulations, trends and triumphs: developments in international, African and South African child and family law. Julia Sloth-Nielsen (ed.) Mar 2012
Firing at will: a manager's guide. Jay Shepherd Mar 2012
Freedom papers: an Atlantic odyssey in the age of emancipation. Rebecca Scott Mar 2012
Nonprofit law: the life cycle of a charitable organization. Betsy Schmidt Mar 2012
Federalism and the tug of war within. Erin Ryan Mar 2012
The Supreme Court and the NCAA: the case for less commercialism and more due process in college sports. Brian Porto Mar 2012
How to fix copyright. William Patry Mar 2012
E-discovery and data privacy: a practical guide. Catrien Noorda Mar 2012
Renewable energy tax incentives and WTO law: irreconcilably incompatible? Carol Ni Ghiollarnath Mar 2012
Prosecuting international crimes in Africa. Chacha Murungu (ed.) Mar 2012
Reapportionment and redistricting in the West. Gary Moncrief Mar 2012
World and town: a novel. Gish Jen Mar 2012
Media revolution in Europe: ahead of the curve. Karol Jakubowicz Mar 2012
Anti-monopoly law and practice in China. H. Stephen Harris Jr. Mar 2012
Human rights and a changing media landscape. Thomas Hammarberg Mar 2012
Global perspectives on counterterrorism. Amos Guiora Mar 2012
Intersexuality and the law: why sex matters. Julie Greenberg Mar 2012
Marginal workers: how legal fault lines divide workers and leave them without protection. Ruben Garcia Mar 2012
The law and theory of trade secrecy: a handbook of contemporary research. Rochelle Dreyfuss (ed.) Mar 2012
Henry Friendly: greatest judge of his era. David Dorsen Mar 2012
Federal grand jury practice and procedure. Paul Diamond Mar 2012
The Vienna Conventions on the Law of Treaties: a commentary. Olivier Corten Mar 2012
Cybercrime: the investigation, prosecution and defense of a computer-related crime. Ralph Clifford (ed.) Mar 2012
Magistrates and pioneers: essays in the history of American law. Warren Billings Mar 2012
Cruel & unusual: the American death penalty and the founders' Eighth Amendment. John Bessler Mar 2012
The danger-to-self-or-others exception to confidentiality. C. Emmanuel Ahia Mar 2012
The Saddam Hussein trial. ICA Press Mar 2012
Guidelines of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe on child-friendly justice. Mar 2012
Definition and development of human rights and popular sovereignty in Europe. Mar 2012

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