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New Books (Added April, 2012)

April 2012

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The European Public Prosecutor's Office :analysis of a multilevel criminal justice system. Martijn Willem Zwiers Apr 2012
The law of counterterrorism. Lynne Zusman (ed.) Apr 2012
Cosmic constitutional theory: why Americans are losing their inalienable right to self-governance. J. Harvie Wilkinson Apr 2012
Law in American history. G. Edward White Apr 2012
Discrimination against atheists: a new legal hierarchy among religious beliefs. Nina Weiler-Harwell Apr 2012
Complex copyright: mapping the information ecosystem. Deborah Tussey Apr 2012
Women's international and comparative human rights. Susan Tiefenbrun Apr 2012
Rivals for power: presidential-congressional relations. James Thurber (ed.) Apr 2012
The design of micro credit contracts and micro enterprise access to finance in Uganda. Winifred mary Tarinyeba Apr 2012
The principle of mutual recognition in cooperation in criminal matters: a study of the principle in four framework decisions and in the implementation legislation in the Nordic member states. Annika Suominen Apr 2012
Islamic law in action: authority, discretion, and everyday experiences in Mamluk Egypt. Kristen Stilt Apr 2012
Barriers to asset recovery. Kevin Stephenson (ed.) Apr 2012
Civil procedure and practice in Uganda. Musa Ssekaana Apr 2012
Women rainmakers' best marketing tips. Theda Snyder Apr 2012
FDR and Chief Justice Hughes: the president, the Supreme Court, and the epic battle over the New Deal. James Simon Apr 2012
The people's courts: pursuing judicial independence in America. Jed Shugerman Apr 2012
Terrorism. Ben Saul (ed.) Apr 2012
Dissenting voices in American society: the role of judges, lawyers, and citizens. Austin Sarat (ed.) Apr 2012
Imagining new legalities: privacy and its possibilities in the 21st century. Austin Sarat (ed.) Apr 2012
Counter-terrorism: international law and practice. ANa Salinas de Frias Apr 2012
Internal time: chronotypes, social jet lag, and why you're so tired. Till Roenneberg Apr 2012
Papal justice: subjects and courts in the Papal State, 1500-1750. Irene Polverini Fosi Apr 2012
In chambers: stories of Supreme Court law clerks and their Justices. Todd Peppers (ed.) Apr 2012
Careers in administrative law & regulatory practice. James O'Reilly (ed.) Apr 2012
Making legal history :approaches and methodologies. Anthony Musson (ed.) Apr 2012
Transforming law and institution: indigenous peoples, the United Nations and human rights. Rhiannon Morgan Apr 2012
Judicial clerkships: legal methods in motion. Aliza Milner Apr 2012
Prosecution complex: America's race to convict and its impact on the innocent. Daniel Medwed Apr 2012
Robespierre :a revolutionary life. Peter McPhee Apr 2012
The jury in Lincoln's America. Stacy McDermott Apr 2012
Brussels I regulation. Ulrich Magnus (ed.) Apr 2012
Consent of the networked: the world-wide struggle for Internet freedom. Rebecca MacKinnon Apr 2012
Representing the race : the creation of the civil rights lawyer. Kenneth Mack Apr 2012
Procedural justice?: victim participation in international criminal proceedings. Brianne Leyh Apr 2012
Illegal peace in Africa: an inquiry into the legality of power-sharing with African warlords, rebels, and junta. Jeremy Levitt Apr 2012
Mining the Internet's public records for investigative research. Carole Levitt Apr 2012
Imagine: how creativity works. Jonah Lehrer Apr 2012
Taming globalization :international law, the U.S. Constitution, and the new world order. Julian Ku Apr 2012
Essential lawyering skills: interviewing, counseling, negotiation, and persuasive fact analysis. Stefan Krieger Apr 2012
The immigration crucible: transforming race, nation, and the limits of the law. Philip Kretsedemas Apr 2012
Civil litigation in a globalizing world. X.E. Kramer (ed.) Apr 2012
Governing biobanks: understanding the interplay between law and practice. Jane Kaye Apr 2012
Murder stories: ideological narratives in capital punishment. Paul Kaplan Apr 2012
Religious liberty in Western and Islamic law :toward a world legal tradition. Kristine Kalanges Apr 2012
So damn much money: the triumph of lobbying and the corrosion of American Robert Kaiser Apr 2012
Collective rights: a legal theory. Miodrag Jovanovic Apr 2012
Laughing at the gods: great judges and how they made the common law. Allan Hutchinson Apr 2012
Women's human rights and culture :from deadlock to dialogue. Riki Holtmaat Apr 2012
The Constitution before the judgment seat :the prehistory and ratification of the American Constitution, 1787-1791. Jurgen Heideking Apr 2012
The realist's guide to redistricting: avoiding the legal pitfalls. J. Gerald Hebert Apr 2012
The European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms in Central and Eastern Europe. Leonard Hammer (ed.) Apr 2012
The upside-down Constitution. Michael Greve Apr 2012
The lawyer's guide to increasing revenue. Arthur Greene Apr 2012
The environmental impact statement after two generations :managing environmental power. Michael Greenberg Apr 2012
The Bible, the school, and the Constitution :the clash that shaped the modern church-state doctrine. Steven Green Apr 2012
Written evidence and discovery in international arbitration: new issues and tendencies. Teresa Giovannini (ed.) Apr 2012
Out-of-court debt restructuring. Jose Garrido Apr 2012
Open book: succeeding on exams from the first day of law school. Barry Friedman Apr 2012
The mind of the criminal: the role of developmental social cognition in criminal defense law. Reid Fontaine Apr 2012
Rome I Regulation: the law applicable to contractual obligations in Europe. Franco Ferrari (ed.) Apr 2012
AILA's focus on waivers under the Immigration and Nationality Act. Julie Ferguson Apr 2012
E-Z rules for the Federal Rules of Evidence: with summaries of the official advisory comments. Jack Ezon Apr 2012
MBE: beginning your campaign to pass the bar exam. Keith Elkin Apr 2012
The structures of criminal law. R.A. Duff (ed.) Apr 2012
The legal answer book for families. Emily Doskow Apr 2012
The signature of evil: (re)defining torture in international law. Steven Dewulf Apr 2012
Wild law :a manifesto for Earth justice. Cormac Cullinan Apr 2012
Winning the jury's attention :presenting evidence from Voir Dire to closing. Trey Cox Apr 2012
uBuntu and the law :African ideals and postapartheid jurisprudence. Drucilla Cornell (ed.) Apr 2012
Special education advocacy. Ruth Colker Apr 2012
Reproductive justice :a global concern. Joan C. Chrisler (ed.) Apr 2012
Accountable government in Africa: perspectives from public law and political studies. Danwood Chirwa (ed.) Apr 2012
Five masters of international law: conversations with R-J Dupuy, E. Jiménez de Aréchaga, R. Jennings, L. Henkin, and O. Schachter. Antonio Cassese Apr 2012
Flagrant conduct: the story of Lawrence v. Texas: how a bedroom arrest decriminalized gay Americans. Dale Carpenter Apr 2012
Judges and judging in the history of the common law and civil law :from antiquity to modern times. Paul Brand (ed.) Apr 2012
Rwanda's Gacaca courts: between retribution and reparation. Paul Bornkamm Apr 2012
Anatomy of injustice: a murder case gone wrong. Raymond Bonner Apr 2012
The revolutionary constitution. David Bodenhamer Apr 2012
The machinery of criminal justice. Stephano Bibas Apr 2012
International humanitarian law and terrorism. Andrea Bianchi Apr 2012
Global legal pluralism: a jurisprudence of law beyond borders. Paul Berman Apr 2012
A practitioner's guide to the CISG. Camilla Baasch Andersen Apr 2012
Reclaiming fair use :how to put balance back in copyright. Patricia Aufderheide Apr 2012
Lawyers in your living room!: law on television. Michael Asimov (ed.) Apr 2012
Should we consent?: rape law reform in South Africa. Lilian Artz (ed.) Apr 2012
The intellectual and cultural world of the early modern Inns of Court. Jayne Elizabeth Archer (ed.) Apr 2012
EU competition law and intellectual property rights: the regulation of innovation. Steven Anderman Apr 2012
Tanzania criminal statutes. Apr 2012

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