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New Books (Added May, 2012)

May 2012

Title Author Added
A Sociology of Constitutions: Constitutions and State Legitimacy in Historical-Sociological Perspective. C.J. Thornhill May 2012
Against obligation: the multiple sources of authority in a liberal democracy. Abner Greene May 2012
An injury law constitution. Marshall Shapo May 2012
Brandishing the First Amendment: commercial expression in America. Tamara Piety May 2012
Civil liberties, national security and prospects for consensus: legal, philosophical, and religious perspectives. Esther Reed (ed.) May 2012
Contracts in the real world: stories of popular contracts and why they matter. Lawrence Cunningham May 2012
Essential health benefits: balancing coverage and cost. Cheryl Ulmer (ed.) May 2012
Examining critical perspectives on human rights. Robert Dickinson (ed.) May 2012
Facing catastrophe: environmental action for a post-Katrina world. Robert Verchick May 2012
Framed: America's fifty-one constitutions and the crisis of governance. Sanford Levinson May 2012
Global patents: limits of transnational enforcement. Marketa Trimble May 2012
Heaven on earth: a journey through shari'a law from the deserts of ancient Arabia to the streets of the modern Muslim world. Sadakat Kadri May 2012
International human rights and their enforcement in Africa. Morris Kiwinda Mbondenyi May 2012
Law in war, war as law: Brigadier General Joseph Holt and the Judge Advocate General's department in the Civil War and early Reconstruction, 1861-1865. Joshua Kastenberg May 2012
Legal aid and the rule of law in the People's Republic of China. Mark Jia May 2012
Making sense of the constitution: a primer on the Supreme Court and its struggle to apply our fundamental law. Walter Frank May 2012
Nanotechnology commercialization for managers and scientists. Wim Helwegen (ed.) May 2012
National Consumer Law Center guide to surviving debt. Deanne Loonin May 2012
Natural law and the antislavery constitutional tradition. Justin Buckley Dyer May 2012
Pie in the sky: how Joe Hill's lawyers lost his case, got him shot, and were disbarred. Kenneth Lougee May 2012
Pleading your case:complaints and responses Janet Kole May 2012
Practitioner's handbook on international arbitration and mediation. Daniel Kolkey (ed.) May 2012
Re-imagining the trust: trusts in civil law. Lionel Smith (ed.) May 2012
Reclaiming the petition clause: seditious libel, "offensive" protest, and the right to petition the government for a redress of grievances. Ronald Krotoszynski May 2012
The biz: the basic business, legal, and financial aspects of the film industry. Schuyler Moore May 2012
The constitution of religious freedom: God, politics, and the First Amendment. Dennis Goldford May 2012
The content and context of hate speech: rethinking regulation and responses. Michael Herz (ed.) May 2012
The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the new international norms. Stuart Deming May 2012
The legal rights of students with disabilities: international perspectives. Charles Russo (ed.) May 2012
The little book of hunting and fishing law. Cecil Kuhne May 2012
The passage of power. Robert A. Caro May 2012
The Real ID Act: privacy and government surveillance. William Eyre May 2012
The right not to be criminalized: demarcating criminal law's authority. Dennis Baker May 2012
What money can't buy: the moral limits of markets. Michael Sandel May 2012
What we have done: an oral history of the disability rights movement. Fred Pelka May 2012
With malice aforethought: a study of the crime and punishment for homicide. Louis Blom-Cooper May 2012

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