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New Books (Added September, 2012)

September 2012

Title Authorsort icon Added
Manual on human rights and the environment. Sep 2012
Free market environmentalism. Terry Anderson Sep 2012
Policing cyber hate, cyber threats and cyber terrorism. Imran Awan (ed.) Sep 2012
The place of law: the role and limits of law in society. Larry Barnett Sep 2012
Jury decision making: the state of the science. Dennis Devine Sep 2012
Intellectual property culture: strategies to foster successful patent and trade secret practices in everyday business. Eric Dobrusin Sep 2012
Fighting foreclosure: the Blaisdell case, the contract clause, and the Great Depression. John Fliter Sep 2012
Nanotechnology intellectual property rights: research, design, and commercialization. Prabuddha Ganguli Sep 2012
Justice & nature: Kantian philosophy, environmental policy & the law. John Martin Gillroy Sep 2012
The rhetoric of Supreme Court women :from obstacles to options. Nichola Gutgold Sep 2012
Legal intellectuals in conversation: reflections on the construction of contemporary American legal theory. James Hackney Sep 2012
Planning by law and property rights reconsidered. Thomas Hartmann (ed.) Sep 2012
The voting wars :from Florida 2000 to the next election meltdown. Richard Hasen Sep 2012
Transnational governance :emerging models of global legal regulation. Michael Head (ed.) Sep 2012
Religious lessons: Catholic sisters and the captured schools crisis in New Mexico. Kathleen Holscher Sep 2012
Nonprofit law for colleges and universities: essential questions and answers for officers, directors, and advisors. Bruce Hopkins Sep 2012
Immigration law and the US-Mexico border: ¿Si se puede? Kevin Johnson Sep 2012
The death of the American death penalty: states still leading the way. Larry Koch Sep 2012
Gitlow v. New York: every idea an incitement. Marc Lendler Sep 2012
The prosecutor in transnational perspective. Erik Luna (ed.) Sep 2012
State and local government pension plans: regulation and risk. Christian Macalpine (ed.) Sep 2012
The European Court of Justice and the autonomy of the member states. Hans-W. Micklitz (ed.) Sep 2012
Forensic communication: application of communication research to courtroom litigation. Michael Motley (ed.) Sep 2012
Racing for innocence: whiteness, gender, and the backlash against affirmative action. Jennifer Pierce Sep 2012
Mobile technologies for conflict management: online dispute resolution, governance, participation. Marta Poblet (ed.) Sep 2012
Freedom of speech: the history of an idea. Elizabeth Powers (ed.) Sep 2012
Patent and trade disparities in developing countries. Srividhya Ragavan Sep 2012
The failure of judges and the rise of regulators. Andrei Shleifer Sep 2012
Islamic finance and the influence of religion on the law. Rene Smits (ed.) Sep 2012
Sedition and the advocacy of violence: free speech and counter-terrorism. Sarah Sorial Sep 2012
Kosovo, a precedent?: the Declaration of Independence, the advisory opinion and implications for statehood, self-determination and minority rights. James Summers (ed.) Sep 2012
Indispensable counsel: the chief legal officer in the new reality. Norman Veasey Sep 2012
Hybrid and internationalised criminal tribunals: selected jurisdictional issues. Sarah Williams Sep 2012
Religion and human rights: an introduction. John Witte, Jr. (ed.) Sep 2012

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