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New Books (Added November, 2012)

November 2012

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Administrative agency litigation. Christopher McNeil Nov 2012
Beyond retribution: seeking justice in the shadows of war. Rama Mani Nov 2012
Climate change justice. Eric Posner Nov 2012
Colonial law in America: crime and punishment . Robert Reed Nov 2012
Compensation and restitution in investor-state arbitration: principles and practice. Borzu Sabahi Nov 2012
Compensation of private losses: the evolution of torts in European business law. Reiner Schulze (ed.) Nov 2012
Comprehensive law practice: law as a healing profession. Susan Swaim Daicoff Nov 2012
Counseling unmarried couples: a guide to effective legal representation. Frederick Hertz Nov 2012
Cultural heritage conventions and other instruments: a compendium with commentaries. Patrick O'Keefe Nov 2012
Customary justice: from program design to impact evaluation. Erica Harper Nov 2012
Customary justice: perspectives on legal empowerment. Janine Ubink (ed.) Nov 2012
Cyberlibel: information warfare in the 21st century? David Potts Nov 2012
Defusing workplace time-bombs. Robert Fitzpatrick Nov 2012
Digital forensics for legal professionals: understanding digital evidence from the warrant to the courtroom. Larry Daniel Nov 2012
Discourse and practice in international commercial arbitration: issues, challenges and prospects. V.K. Bhatia (ed.) Nov 2012
Does law matter?: on law and economic growth. Michael Faure (ed.) Nov 2012
Entertainment law for the general practitioner. Xavier Frascogna Nov 2012
Environmental taxation and climate change: achieving environmental sustainability through fiscal policy. Larry Kreiser (ed.) Nov 2012
Europe's constitutional challenges in the light of the recent case law of national constitutional courts: Lisbon and beyond. Jose Maria Beneyto Nov 2012
Evaluation for child custody. Geri Fuhrmann Nov 2012
Evolution and morality. James Fleming (ed.) Nov 2012
Fordham University School of Law: a history. Robert Kaczorowski Nov 2012
From crisis to crisis: the global financial system and regulatory failure. Ross Buckley Nov 2012
Global anti-terrorism law and policy. Victor C. Ramraj (ed.) Nov 2012
Historiography, empire, and the rule of law: imagined constitutions, remembered legalities. Ian Duncanson Nov 2012
Holocaust and justice: representation and historiography of the Holocaust in post-war trials. David Bankier (ed.) Nov 2012
Immigration detention: law, history, politics. Daniel Wilsher Nov 2012
Intellectual property and biotechnology. Arti Rai (ed.) Nov 2012
Intellectual property and climate change: inventing clean technologies. Matthew Rimmer Nov 2012
Intellectual property issues: therapeutics, vaccines and molecular diagnostics. Ulrich Storz Nov 2012
Intellectual property operations and implementation in the 21st Century corporation. Lanning Bryer Nov 2012
Interstate water compacts: intergovernmental efforts to manage America's water resources. Joseph Zimmerman Nov 2012
Islam, Europe and emerging legal issues. W. Cole Durham (ed.) Nov 2012
Kids for cash: two judges, thousands of children, and a $2.8 million kickback scheme. William Ecenbarger Nov 2012
Legal responses to religious practices in the United States: accomodation and its limits. Austin Sarat (ed.) Nov 2012
Lincoln's forgotten ally: Judge Advocate General Joseph Holt of Kentucky. Elizabeth Leonard Nov 2012
Navigating the legal impact of airport security measures: an in-depth look at passenger profiling and its effect on the public. David Bradley Olsen (ed.) Nov 2012
Online dispute resolution: theory and practice: a treatise on technology and dispute resolution. Mohamed Adbel Wahab Nov 2012
Only judgment: the limits of litigation in social change. Aryeh Neier Nov 2012
Piracy in a legal context: prosecution of pirates operating off the Somali coast. Annemarie Middleburg Nov 2012
Power and legitimacy: reconciling Europe and the nation-state. Peter Lindseth Nov 2012
Practice and theory in comparative law. Maurice Adams Nov 2012
Practice and theory in comparative law. Maurice Adams (ed.) Nov 2012
Reflections on The concept of law. AWB Simpson Nov 2012
Refusals to license intellectual property: testing the limits of law and economics. Ian Eagles Nov 2012
Retributivism has a past: has it a future? Michael Tonry (ed.) Nov 2012
School bullying: how long is the arm of the law? James Hanks Nov 2012
Seduction by contract: law, economics, and psychology in consumer markets. Oren Bar-Gill Nov 2012
The American Bar Association's legal guide to video game development. Ross Dannenberg (ed.) Nov 2012
The better end: surviving (and dying) on your own terms in today's modern medical world. Dan Morhaim Nov 2012
The class action playbook. Brian Anderson Nov 2012
The environmental rights revolution: a global study of constitutions, human rights, and the environment. David Boyd Nov 2012
The forensic accounting deskbook: a practical guide to financial investigation and analysis for family lawyers. Miles Mason Nov 2012
The interaction between Europe's legal systems: judicial dialogue and the creation of supranational laws. Giuseppe Martinico Nov 2012
The knockoff economy: how imitation sparks innovation. Kal Raustiala Nov 2012
The law and economics of organ procurement. Firat Bilgel Nov 2012
The law of cybercrimes and their investigations. George Curtis Nov 2012
The little book of movie law. Carol Robertson Nov 2012
The Max Planck encyclopedia of European private law. Jurgen Basedow (ed.) Nov 2012
The odd clauses: understanding the Constitution through ten of its most curious provisions. Jay Wexler Nov 2012
The right to health in international law. Jojhn Tobin Nov 2012
The tribunal: responses to John Brown and the Harpers Ferry Raid. John Staufer (ed.) Nov 2012
The Zen of law school success. Chad Noreuil Nov 2012
This Indian country: American Indian political activists and the place they made. Frederick Hoxie Nov 2012
Tried and convicted: how police, prosecutors, and judges destroy our constitutional rights. Michael Cicchini Nov 2012
Unmanned aircraft systems (drones) and law. Lydia de Beer (ed.) Nov 2012
William Blackstone: law and letters in the eighteenth century. Wilfrid Prest Nov 2012
Winter of the world: book two of the century trilogy. Ken Follett Nov 2012
Working with customary justice systems: post-conflict and fragile states. Erica Harper (ed.) Nov 2012
Three tastes of nưởc mắm: the Brown Water Navy & visits to Vietnam. Douglas Branson Nov 2012

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