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New Books (Added March, 2013)

March 2013

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Writing for dollars, writing to please :the case for plain language in business, government, and law. Joseph Kimble Mar 2013
Who gets what :fair compensation after tragedy and financial upheaval. Kenneth R. Feinberg Mar 2013
What is war? :an investigation in the wake of 9/11. Mary Ellen O'Connell Mar 2013
What is parenthood? :contemporary debates about the family. Linda C. McClain Mar 2013
Up against a wall :rape reform and the failure of success. Rose Corrigan Mar 2013
Trade dress :evolution, strategy, and practice. Darius C. Gambino Mar 2013
The terror courts : rough justice at Guantanamo Bay. Jess Bravin Mar 2013
The teleportation accident :a novel. Ned Beauman Mar 2013
The Syllabi :genesis of the national reporter system. Michael H. (ed.) Hoeflich Mar 2013
The serpentine wall :the winding boundary between church and state in the United States. James F. Harris Mar 2013
The price of civilization :reawakening American virtue and prosperity. Jeffrey Sachs Mar 2013
The press and rights to privacy :First Amendment freedoms vs. invasion of privacy claims. Erin K. Coyle Mar 2013
The new American militarism :how Americans are seduced by war. A. J. Bacevich Mar 2013
The legal understanding of slavery :from the historical to the contemporary. Jean (ed.) Allain Mar 2013
The how-to-win trial manual :winning trial-advocacy in a nutshell : including a "test yourself" practice session (with the answers). Ralph Adam Fine Mar 2013
The global administrative law of science. Matthias Ruffert Mar 2013
The Glannon guide to secured transactions :learning secured transactions through multiple-choice questions and analysis. Scott J. Burnham Mar 2013
The flexible constitution. Sean Wilson Mar 2013
The constitution of China :a contextual analysis. Qianfan Zhang Mar 2013
The ACO handbook :a guide to accountable care organizations. Peter A. (ed.) Pavarini Mar 2013
Television courtroom broadcasting :distraction effects and eye-tracking. Paul Lambert Mar 2013
Standard-setting through monitoring? :the role of Council of Europe expert bodies in the development of human rights. Renate Kicker Mar 2013
Shaping the law for global crises :thoughts about the role the law could play to come to grips with the major challenges of our time. Jaap (ed.) Spier Mar 2013
Sex, culpability, and the defence of provocation. Danielle Tyson Mar 2013
Self-sufficiency of law :a critical-institutional theory of social order. Mariano Croce Mar 2013
Routledge handbook of constitutional law. Mark (ed.) Tushnet Mar 2013
Remaking transitional justice in the United States :the rhetorical authorization of the Greensboro Truth and Reconciliation Commission. James Edward Beitler Mar 2013
Reading like a lawyer :time-saving strategies for reading law like an expert. Ruth Ann McKinney Mar 2013
Questioning secularism :Islam, sovereignty, and the rule of law in modern Egypt. Hussein Ali Agrama Mar 2013
Priests of our democracy :the Supreme Court, academic freedom, and the anti-communist purge. Marjorie Heins Mar 2013
Party pursuits and the presidential-house election connection, 1900-2008. Jeffrey M. Stonecash Mar 2013
Opinion writing. Ruggero J. Aldisert Mar 2013
On the side of in-house counsel. Ugo Draetta Mar 2013
On persecution, identity & activism :aspects of the Italian-American experience from the late 19th century to today. Cristogianni Borsella Mar 2013
New law and ethics in mental health advance directives :the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the right to choose. Penelope Weller Mar 2013
Neuroscience and legal responsibility. Nicole A. (ed.) Vincent Mar 2013
Networks, complexity and internet regulation :scale-free law. Andrés Guadamuz Mar 2013
Nanotechnology law :best practices Lorna Brazell Mar 2013
My beloved world. Sonia Sotomayor Mar 2013
Mental health and human rights :vision, praxis, and courage. Michael (ed.) Dudley Mar 2013
Materials on the responsibility of states for internationally wrongful acts. Mar 2013
Masculinities and the law :a multidimensional approach. Frank Rudy (ed.) Cooper Mar 2013
Legalese to English :a workbook for torts. Elura Nanos Mar 2013
Legalese to English :a workbook for civil procedure. Elura Nanos Mar 2013
Law for architects :what you need to know. Robert F. Herrmann Mar 2013
Later-in-life lawyers :tips for the non-traditional law student. Charles Cooper Mar 2013
Islam and human rights :tradition and politics. Ann Elizabeth Mayer Mar 2013
Is the American constitution obsolete?. Thomas J. Main Mar 2013
International arbitration and international commercial law :synergy, convergence, and evolution : liber amicorum Eric Bergsten. S. (ed.) Kroll Mar 2013
Intellectual property liability of consumers, facilitators, and intermediaries. Christopher (ed.) Heath Mar 2013
How sex became a civil liberty. Leigh Ann Wheeler Mar 2013
Genetic resources, equity and international law. Camena Guneratne Mar 2013
Freedom from religion :rights and national security. Amos N. Guiora Mar 2013
European judicial systems - edition 2012 (data 2010) : efficiency and quality of justice. Mar 2013
Elements of legislation. Neil Duxbury Mar 2013
Democracies and the shock of war :the law as a battlefield. Marc Cogen Mar 2013
Cyberthreats and international law. Georg Kerschischnig Mar 2013
Cyber warfare and the laws of war. Heather Harrison Dinniss Mar 2013
Crime, courtrooms, and the public sphere in Britain, 1700-1850. David (ed Lemmings.) Mar 2013
Counterinsurgency law :new directions in asymmetric warfare. William (ed.) Banks Mar 2013
Counter-terrorism and human rights in the case law of the European Court of Human Rights. Ana Salinas de Frías Mar 2013
Council of Europe and Roma :40 years of action. Jean-Pierre Liégeois Mar 2013
Copyright and the challenge of the new. Brad (ed.) Sherman Mar 2013
Consent in international arbitration. Andrea Marco Steingruber Mar 2013
China court cases on intellectual property rights. Zhou (ed.) Lin Mar 2013
Asset forfeiture law in the United States. Stefan D. Cassella Mar 2013
Arbitration and the constitution. Peter B. Rutledge Mar 2013
America Invents Act :law & analysis. Andrew S. (ed.) Baluch Mar 2013

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