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New Books (Added August, 2013)

August 2013

Titlesort icon Author Added
Veterans appeals guidebook :representing veterans in the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims Ron Smith (ed.) Aug 2013
Trials and tribulations of international prosecution Henry F. Carey Aug 2013
Transnational terrorism and state accountability :a new theory of prevention Vincent-Joel Proulx Aug 2013
Thurgood Marshall :race, rights, and the struggle for a more perfect union Charles L. Zelden Aug 2013
The wire :crime, law, and policy Adam M. Gershowitz Aug 2013
The Tokyo Rose case :treason on trial Yasuhide Kawashima Aug 2013
The three branches :a comparative model of separation of powers Christoph Mollers Aug 2013
The successes and failures of whistleblower laws Robert G. Vaughn Aug 2013
The six-minute marathon :a guide to life as a lawyer Andrew Hartman Aug 2013
The right to self-determination in the South Caucasus :Nagorno Karabakh in context Bahruz Balayev Aug 2013
The little book of space law Matthew J. Kleiman Aug 2013
The librarian's copyright companion James S. Heller Aug 2013
The lawyer's guide to practice management systems software Andrew Z. Adkins Aug 2013
The lawyer's guide to LexisNexis CaseMap Daniel J. Siegel Aug 2013
The law of obligations in Europe :a new wave of codifications Reiner Schulze (ed.) Aug 2013
The global body market :altruism's limits Michele Goodwin Aug 2013
The ethics of preventive war Deen K. Chatterjee (ed.) Aug 2013
The electronic silk road :how the web binds the world in commerce Anupam Chander Aug 2013
The contested murder of Latasha Harlins :justice, gender, and the origins of the LA riots Brenda E. Stevenson Aug 2013
Supreme Court confirmation hearings and constitutional change Paul M. Collins Aug 2013
Shadow nations :tribal sovereignty and the limits of legal pluralism N. Bruce Duthu Aug 2013
Sext ed :obscenity versus free speech in our schools Joseph Oluwole Aug 2013
Selling in your comfort zone :safe and effective strategies for developing new business Robert N. Kohn Aug 2013
Self-determination, territorial integrity, and international stability :the case of Yugoslavia Enver Hasani Aug 2013
Rethinking money laundering & financing of terrorism in international law :towards a new global legal order Roberto Durrieu Aug 2013
Research handbook on the law of international organizations Jan Klabbers (ed.) Aug 2013
Research handbook on international criminal law Bartram S. Brown (ed.) Aug 2013
Rene Cassin and human rights :from the Great War to the Universal Declaration Antoine Prost Aug 2013
Reforming juvenile justice :a developmental approach Richard J. Bonnie (ed.) Aug 2013
Recognition, sovereignty struggles, & indigenous rights in the United States :a sourcebook Amy E. Den Ouden (ed.) Aug 2013
Perfecting the Constitution :the case for the Article V amendment process Darren Patrick Guerra Aug 2013
Opening statements :law, jurisprudence, and the legacy of Dutch New York Amy E. Den Ouden (ed.) Aug 2013
On the nature of genocidal intent Jason J. Campbell Aug 2013
On dissent :its meaning in America Ronald K. L. Collins Aug 2013
Modern legal drafting :a guide to using clearer language Peter Butt Aug 2013
Local tax policy :a federalist perspective David Brunori Aug 2013
Litigating war :arbitration of civil injury by the Eritrea-Ethiopia Claims Commission Sean D. Murphy Aug 2013
Law in Iraq :a document companion Chibli Mallat (ed.) Aug 2013
Kosher :private regulation in the age of industrial food Timothy D. Lytton Aug 2013
In the clutches of the law :Clarence Darrow's letters Clarence Darrow Aug 2013
HPCR Manual on international law applicable to air and missile warfare Aug 2013
Handbook on international sports law James A.R. Nafziger (ed.) Aug 2013
Globalizing torture :CIA secret detention and extraordinary rendition Aug 2013
Global justice and international economic law :three takes Frank J. Garcia Aug 2013
EU sanctions :law and policy issues concerning restrictive measures Iain Cameron (ed.) Aug 2013
Dispossession :discrimination against African American farmers in the age of civil rights Pete Daniel Aug 2013
Developments in mediation, current challenges and the role of ROMED :training program for Roma mediators Jean-Pierre Liegeois Aug 2013
Democratic statehood in international law :the emergence of new states in post-Cold War practice Jure Vidmar Aug 2013
Debates on U.S. immigration Judith Gans (ed.) Aug 2013
Cyberspace law :censorship and regulation of the Internet Hannibal Travis (ed.) Aug 2013
Courts and consociations :human rights versus power-sharing Christopher McCrudden Aug 2013
Copyright and mass digitization :a cross-jurisdictional perspective Maurizio Borghi Aug 2013
Conflicts in the knowledge society :the contentious politics of intellectual property Sebastian Haunss Aug 2013
Common pools of genetic resources :equity and innovation in international biodiversity law Evanson Chege Kamau (ed.) Aug 2013
Central European constitutional courts in the face of EU membership :the influence of the German model in Hungary and Poland Allan F. Tatham Aug 2013
Canon law, religion, and politics :liber amicorum Robert Somerville Uta-Renate Blumenthal (ed.) Aug 2013
Building your ladder :an associate's guide to success beyond partnership Marian Lee Aug 2013
Breaking chains :slavery on trial in the Oregon Territory R. Gregory Nokes Aug 2013
Betting the company :complex negotiation strategies for law and business Andrew Trask Aug 2013
Asia arbitration handbook Michael Moser (ed.) Aug 2013
Applied evolutionary psychology S. Craig Roberts (ed.) Aug 2013

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