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New Books (Added September, 2013)

September 2013

Title Author Addedsort icon
A Fight for religious freedom :a lawyer's personal account of copyrights, karma and dharmic litigation Jon R. Parsons Sep 2013
A primer on American labor law William B. Gould Sep 2013
A primer on criminal law and neuroscience :a contribution of the law and neuroscience project supported by the MacArthur Foundation Stephen J. Morse (ed.) Sep 2013
Actus reus and participation in European criminal law Johannes Keiler Sep 2013
American epic :reading the US Constitution Garrett Epps Sep 2013
An argument for same-sex marriage :religious freedom, sexual freedom, and public expressions of civic equality Emily R. Gill Sep 2013
Becoming a rural lawyer :a personal guide to establishing a small town practice Bruce M. Cameron Sep 2013
Beyond territorial disputes in the South China Sea :legal frameworks for the joint development of hydrocarbon resources Robert C. Beckman (ed.) Sep 2013
Bus ride to justice :changing the system by the system : the life and works of Fred Gray, preacher, attorney, politician Fred D. Gray Sep 2013
Called to justice :the life of a federal trial judge Warren K. Urbom Sep 2013
Cars, energy, nuclear diplomacy and the law :a reflective memoir of three generations John Thomas Smith Sep 2013
Commentary on the UNCITRAL arbitration rules 2010 :a practitioner's guide Sophie Nappert Sep 2013
Crime and justice in the city as seen through The Wire Peter A. Collins Sep 2013
Electing judges :the surprising effects of campaigning on judicial legitimacy James L. Gibson Sep 2013
European supreme courts :a portrait through history Alain Wijffels (ed.) Sep 2013
Evidence from earth observation satellites :emerging legal issues Ray Purdy (ed.) Sep 2013
Excelling in law school :a complete approach Jason C. Miller Sep 2013
Forensic assessments in criminal and civil law :a handbook for lawyers Ronald Roesch (ed.) Sep 2013
Handbook of export controls & economic sanctions Kay C. Georgi (ed.) Sep 2013
History of the Council of Europe Birte Wassenberg Sep 2013
Intersections of law and culture Priska Gisler (ed.) Sep 2013
Islam and international law :engaging self-centrism from a plurality of perspectives Marie-Luisa Frick (ed.) Sep 2013
Judges on judging :views from the bench David M. O'Brien (ed.) Sep 2013
Judicial reconstruction and the rule of law :reassessing military intervention in Iraq and beyond Angeline Lewis Sep 2013
Lawyers as leaders Deborah L. Rhode Sep 2013
Legal affinities :explorations in the legal form of thought Patrick McKinley (ed.) Sep 2013
Lincoln's code :the laws of war in American history John Fabian Witt Sep 2013
Managing family justice in diverse societies Mavis Maclean (ed.) Sep 2013
Marijuana legalization :what everyone needs to know Jonathan P. Caulkins Sep 2013
Outside justice :immigration and the criminalizing impact of changing policy and practice David C. Brotherton (ed.) Sep 2013
Outsourcing justice :the rise of modern arbitration laws in America Imre Szalai Sep 2013
Prosecutors and politics :a comparative perspective Michael Tonry (ed.) Sep 2013
Public health law research :theory and methods Alexander C. Wagenaar (ed.) Sep 2013
Reassessing the Nuremberg Military Tribunals :transitional justice, trial narratives, and historiography Kim C. Priemel (ed.) Sep 2013
Religious pluralism and Islamic law :"dhimmīs" and others in the empire of law Anver M. Emon Sep 2013
Senator Richard B. Russell and my career as a trial lawyer :an autobiography. Charles E. Campbell Sep 2013
Shooting to kill :socio-legal perspectives on the use of lethal force Simon Bronitt (ed.) Sep 2013
Small firms, big opportunity :how to get hired (and succeed) in the new legal economy Linda Calvert Hanson Sep 2013
Steel's :a forgotten stock market scandal from the 1920s Dave Dyer Sep 2013
Teaching every student in the Digital Age :universal design for learning David H. Rose Sep 2013
The Arab spring :new patterns for democracy and international law Carlo Panara (ed.) Sep 2013
The concept of law H.L.A. Hart Sep 2013
The history and future of the World Trade Organization Craig VanGrasstek Sep 2013
The law in postcards and ephemera 1890-1962 Michael H. Hoeflich Sep 2013
The law of succession :wills, trusts, and estates Danaya C. Wright Sep 2013
The naked constitution :what the founders said and why it still matters Adam Freedman Sep 2013
The original compromise :what the Constitution's framers were really thinking David Brian Robertson Sep 2013
The Ponzi scheme puzzle :a history and analysis of con artists and victims Tamar Frankel Sep 2013
The trials of Laura Fair :sex, murder, and insanity in the Victorian West Carole Haber Sep 2013
The trustee's legal companion Liza Weiman Hanks Sep 2013
Through the codes darkly :slave law and civil law in Louisiana Vernon V. Palmer Sep 2013
Transboundary river governance in the face of uncertainty :the Columbia River Treaty : a project of the Universities Consortium on Columbia River Governance Barbara Cosens (ed.) Sep 2013
What the best law teachers do Michael Hunter Schwartz Sep 2013
Why tolerate religion? Brian Leiter Sep 2013

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